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Winners Announced…

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I have a few winners to announce!

The winner of the Kushies Kritter giveaway is… #75 Dana zippieee@

The winner of the MilkBank Bottle is #15 DaisyandRyan

Thank You to everyone who left a comment on the “I Have Just Entered Coupon Clipping Hell” post! You have all helped me with my coupon clipping journey and given me some amazing ideas that I will be implementing into my plan of attack!

Congratulations Winners!

Don’t forget to enter the current giveaways:

Momo Baby Gift Pack

The Lazy Environmentalist On A Budget Gift Pack

Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit

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Sodastream Home Soda Maker Review & Giveaway

Have you ever been sitting at home CRAVING a soda (I have a Dr. Pepper problem) and you realize your out? On a daily basis I stick with diet soda for obvious reasons, but when I crave a Dr. Pepper I have to get up and go get one. Thanks to Sodastream my emergency trips to the store are over and I’m continuing my “green” journey in the process!

What is Sodastream?
Sodastream is an ingenious little machine that turns water into Soda and sparkling water in minutes without the need for electricity. That’s right, no cords, just one sleek, stylish, compact machine that allows you to fill a 1 liter bottle with water, carbonate it and add any of the Over 25 Regular, Diet and Caffeine-Free Flavors to gain instant access to your favorite soda or sparkling water. Sodastream offers 4 different stylish units to choose from that will fit any families preferences and home decor. From Cola, Orange and Rootbeer to Diet options such as Diet Cola, Diet Cran-Rasberry and Diet Cream Soda, Sodastream offers something for every member of your family.

Sodastream sent us a unit to test drive that included the following:
1 Sodastream machine (Unit, Co2 & 2-1 liter bottles)
8 Sodamix flavors (Diet & Regular
1 pack MyWater Flavor Essences

First Impressions:
It works and it’s fun!! My husband was eager to try the Sodastream out as he as an avid Diet 7-up fan. He was excited to see that Diet Lemon Lime was included in the package and went straight to work to create his favorite beverage. We filled the 1 liter bottle with water and placed into the machine and pumped until it was adequately carbonated. We then added the soda flavor and like magic, we had soda! Woo Hoo! We were both delighted to find that the Lemon Lime Soda was almost identical to the Diet 7-up that my husband so desperately craves. We had a little too much fun and had to do it again (just picture two small children with a new toy)!

Nutrition: Obviously Soda offers no nutrition…but as parents who love soda, it was a nice relief to know that Sodastream’s Regular sodamix flavors contain less sugar, calories, carbohydrates and sodium than national drink brands. Regular flavors are sweetened with a combination of sugar and Splenda® brand sweetener. Diet sodamix flavors contain no sugar, no aspartame and are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Sodastream offers 12 delicious diet flavors, which is the widest variety sweetened with Splenda®.

The Green Factor: Americans drink more than 55 billion liters of soda and seltzer each year. That’s almost 200 liters — about 600 cans! — for every adult and child in the United States. And, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, that adds 10 1/2 cubic feet of packaging per American — over 3 billion cubic feet! — in our landfills and recycling facilities every year. Just by using Sodastream your helping our environment by drastically reducing waste from store-bought cans and bottles. And with no batteries or electricity, you can use your soda maker in your kitchen, outdoors on your patio or deck, or on your boat or RV (an amazing space saver for travel).

Price: My favorite part about the Sodastream! You save money with this purchase!! Making soda with Sodastream is just pennies per serving and right now you can grab a Sodastream Fountain Jet Unit for a very special price (’s on sale)! You can purchase Sodastream online or find a retailer near you! If your still in need of a Father’s Day Gift….this is it!

Win it!
One lucky “Deal”ectible Mommies reader will win a Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit (approx. $100 retail value.) Kit will include the following:

- winner’s choice of black/silver, white or red/silver Fountain Jet
- CO2 to make over 100 liters of soda
- 2 reusable carbonating bottles
- Sample pack of flavors
- 3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice

Just visit Sodastream online and tell me the 3 soda mix flavors you would choose if you win!

Extra Entries:

1. Visit Sodastream online and watch the “Video Demo” (it’s only a few seconds and can be found at the bottom, right corner of the page) then tell me something from the video (anything)!

2. Follow me on twitter and tweet about this giveaway
You can copy and paste this into twitter:
Sodastream Giveaway @dealectiblemom

Already following me on twitter? Send out the above tweet and you just earned yourself an entry.. drop me a comment and let me know!

3. Subscribe to “Deal”ectible Mommies by Email or Subscribe to my feed.

4. Follow “Deal”ectible Mommies…You can Follow My Blog on my sidebar..hint: It’s at the very top!

5. Blog about this giveaway (please leave a link to the post)

6. Grab my button!

That’s a total of 6 entries possible…Good Luck!

The boring stuff: Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Giveaway will end on Saturday June 13th at Midnight! Winner will be chosen using!

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Swagbucks: Search, Win & Get Free Swag

Search & Win

Have you signed up with Swagbucks yet? If not, your going to want in on this!

Many of you have already signed up with Swagbucks and are reaping the benefits. For those of you who are not familiar with swagbucks, they are a search and win site. You would use them to do your everyday searching and you win swagbucks. You then use your swagbucks to purchase gift cards and prizes. Amazon gift cards are the best value and you only need 45 swagbucks to score a $5 Amazon card. How cool is that? I highly recommend that you share Swagbucks with your friends and you will win when they win! This is a fun site that will add to your budget for the year.

Since mid September i have earned over $400 in Amazon gift cards! I used a few for Christmas shopping and i try to keep them built up in my Amazon account for weeks that money may be slim and i need a few grocery items or diapers for the baby! So run, don’t walk and sign up for Swagbucks and win with me!

You can now find Swagbucks on Twitter, which means free secret codes for you and me!

Random Rants

Mom or Blogger? Is It Possible To Be Both?

Are you a mom or are you a blogger? Can you be both? A few months ago I would have answered that question with a big, fat “NO”! Why? Because I had no clue how to manage myself. Notice the key word in that sentence: Myself! To be a mom is a big job and it comes first. I have one shot with my two girls and I refuse to screw it up. Blogging is my love but it requires as much effort as a full time job. It’s not simple or easy. It takes time and a ridiculous amount of effort. Not only are bloggers writers, but they are researchers, reviewers, business women and social networking experts. But for a blogger, it is their love. Our reward: Our followers, the connections we make and the sheer delight of writing. So is it possible to be everything you want to be and still remain a good mom?

Absolutely… but you must learn to manage yourself. What I mean is you must know how to appropriately manage your time so that it does not conflict with your home life. My kids need 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, outside playtime, inside playtime, playtime with me, reading time, learning time, bath time, dressing time, love time, cuddle time, conversation time, etc.. You get the point. So where does blogging come in? In between and typically unnoticed: at least that’s my goal!

Blogging happens when the kids are having “sisterly playtime”, watching a video or when they are sleeping and random tweeting comes in between, in sporadic 3 minute intervals. Those 3 minute intervals are typically when they are using the restroom or eating! That goes for my husband too. He feels just as left out as my girls do if mom isn’t properly managing her time! For those mom’s who are moms, bloggers and workers… God Bless You! I have my hands full here and there is no way this mama could take on anymore. But I know you are out there and I know you manage to do it. Rock on, for you are of a planet I will never be able to visit!

One way I manage my time is sporadic tweeting!
Sporadic Tweeting: Derived from my own language, meaning 1-3 minute intervals of connecting with my twittering tweets! I recently purchased a netbook, which I keep on my kitchen counter and it supplies my fellow twitter users with my sporadic tweeting. Those already following me know what I’m talking about ;) I’m there for a moment, dropping you a line, and picking up spilled juice the next, far, far away from my tweeterific friends. Personally, I have to disconnect in order to be present. Anyone grooving with me here?

I want to connect with you and I want to be a part of the mom blogger community, so I do what I can when I can. I love two worlds. But my identity rests as mom first, blogger second. I am both! The bliss: I am free to be both and I have learned to properly manage myself in order to achieve my two loves. Rest assured that as my husband and the kids are sleeping, I’m at my computer at 5 am every morning bringing you what I think you want to hear. And readers, if you want to hear something that I’m not giving you, please use the “email me” button on my sidebar and let me know what your looking for. I may not blog about it right away, but I will more than likely drop you a sporadic twitter at the least! ;)

Finally, to all of my fellow bloggers, you are true inspiration to continue to walk through life with one foot in the mommy pool and one foot in the blogging pool. Although my girls light up my mommy life, all of you light up my blogging life. So here’s a great big MWAH! to all of you!

Random Rants

Sleepy Wrap Review

The world of carriers! There are many, many carriers out there and it’s tough to know which way to turn. It’s important to find a carrier that’s going to fit mom and dad and that will allow baby to hang comfortably at the same time. It’s also important to find a carrier that allows babies spine to develop normally and not allow for added pressure or compression. Many parents are also looking for a carrier that they can nurse discreetly with and as a nursing mother of two girls I fully understand the importance of having a carrier that easily accessible for feedings.

Sleepy Wrap knew what parents were looking for and developed a baby carrier that fits every parents needs. The Sleepy Wrap is a sturdy cotton knit called French Terry. It is 95% cotton with 5% spandex and is essentially a long piece of fabric (20 inches wide and 5.5 yards long) that you wrap around mom or dad and then slip baby in and your on your way. The Sleepy Wrap not only allows for easy carrying but encompasses some of my favorite aspects in a carrier. Just check out what the Sleepy Wrap offers

- Holds children up to 45 lbs and Twins!!
- Allows for truly discreet nursing
- Material allows for a one time tie (meaning no adjustments need to be made after you place baby inside
- Sleepy Wrap comes in many different colors
- Sleepy Wrap allows for proper spine development
- Comfortable for mom and dad
- Proper support for head and neck
- Fits ALL body types
- Comfortable
- Multiple carrying positions

We had the chance to check out the Sleepy Wrap and the first point I want to make, is that this carrier is Very comfortable! It’s easy to tie on and the material of the Sleepy Wrap allows you to place the carrier on once and only once and baby is guaranteed to fit. I was surprised that the instructions said that you want to tie the wrap around you until it looks like their is no way that baby can fit. Well they were right, we followed the instructions and Lil’ pea fit right in and there was no need for adjustments. Trust me when I say that when your on the go, the last thing you want to do is stop to readjust your carrier constantly. You want a carrier that you can throw on and go about your business and Sleepy Wrap definitely took that into consideration when developing their wrap. Because the Sleepy Wrap distributes babies weight evenly, the carrier does not pull on any one area of your body (i.e. shoulders, lower back), eliminating tired, sore muscles as well.

Sleepy Wrap comes in 15 different colors, including 2 organic options. Ringing in at just $39.95 (59.95 for organic), this is a carrier that even budget minded moms can justify. You can purchase Sleepy Wrap at (Deal-ectible Mommies Readers use code : delectable to save 10%) or Find a retailer near you and grab one today.

Random Rants

Huge Savings On Pediped Shoes!

From now until June can snag Pediped shoes for 30-50% off retail! These shoes are rarely discounted (only 3 times in the history of the company) and now is the time to score some shoes and help the Make A Wish Foundation at the same time. That’s right, Pediped is not only offering huge savings to you, but their donating 50% of profits to The Make A Wish Foundation! Purchase two pairs and get automatic FREE SHIPPING.

We love Pediped shoes…with their soft, bendable leather and black soles (keeps the dirt from showing), Pediped shoes are a must for every little dude or diva!

Pediped Originals start at just $19 and there’s plenty of Pediped Flex to go around too. Over 50 styles to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Go, Go score yourself a sweet deal!

Random Rants

Svan High Chair Review

A good High Chair is hard to come by in my opinion! My biggest complaint: Cleaning the darn thing! Many High Chairs on the market today are filled with grooves everywhere! This means that all of that precious food that somehow doesn’t make it into your little one’s mouth, ends up in the grooves and it’s nearly impossible to get out! If you don’t hose it down every time, your stuck with rotting food in the High Chair, which is not only disgusting but a hazard to your little ones and to the household. I don’t know about you, but hosing the high chair down every time Lil’ pea eats drives me NUTTY, as if we needed anymore nuttiness floating around in this house! Well, Svan must have known what I was going through and created the Svan High Chair, specifically with MUAH in mind…I just know it was inspired by ME….But I’ll brag about my specific contributions to the High Chair industry later….

Thanks to Scandanavian Child we were given the opportunity to test out this little gem of a High Chair and with it’s birch bentwood frame (an environmentally friendly process, by the way), detachable tray cover and NO GROOVES, this mom is one happy camper. When Lil’ pea’s done eating, I grab the sponge and give it a quick wipe down and I’m DONE! Yup, that’s it….FINALLY! Svan figured out that mom’s don’t have time to hose off the high chair 4 or 5 times a day!

Frame: Svan’s High Chair is designed to grow with your child, allowing you to utilize this chair from 6 months to adulthood. Every child’s torso is different and Svan took that into account when they designed the Svan Chair. The seat depth and height is fully adjustable allowing you to adjust the chair to your child. The foot rest is also adjustable, allowing for even more versatility. For safety purposes and so that little hands don’t adjust the chair, Svan includes an allen wrench and this tool must be used in order to adjust the high chair.

Design & Finish: The Svan High Chair comes in 5 different finishes (natural, cherry, mahogany, white and espresso) and features optional seat pads in many different colors, allowing you to match your Svan High Chair to your current decor. Tired of blue? No problem, swap it out for a trendy, colorful dot pattern inspired by Baby Star.

Cleaning: Cleaning requires only a sponge and a little mom power and your ready for babies next feeding. The optional chair cover can be wiped down with a damp cloth or thrown in the washing machine and the removable tray cover can be hand washed for a quick clean or thrown in the dishwasher. Simple enough?

Portability: Svan’s high chair does not collapse, however it is more compact than any other high chair I have seen to date. It would be rather easy for us to toss it in the back of the SUV if needed. The Svan High Chair also fits perfectly in any vehicle seat upside down (tray off) for easy travel.

First Impressions:
Right out of the box, we noticed that Svan’s high chair is beautifully crafted wood and takes about 5 minutes to put together! Svan’s quality craftsmanship allows for proper assembly right out of the box and all holes and screws actually fit, unlike some un-assembled furniture we have purchased in past years. We received the Espresso with an orange chair cover and those two colors against each other is really a statement. Lil’ pea was dancing on the floor, waiting patiently to climb in and as soon as daddy had it put together, she climbed right in, all by herself…BONUS!

What we LOVE about Svan’s High Chair….
- The rockin’ design! Not only a high chair but a proclamation of art and one that will fit with just about any home decor.
- Svan’s high chair is fully adjustable and grows with your child, which is a wonderful concept, as this is the only high chair you’ll ever need to buy. When your finished using it as a high chair, it turns into a regular chair that kids and adults (up to 250 lbs) both can use. Svan’s Chair allows for years of use in a product we all have to purchase anyway.
- The feature we love more than any other is the ease of cleaning. There are literally no grooves for the food to drop into. The surface of the Svan High Chair is completely smooth and a simple wipe down takes care of your high chair clean up duties in a matter of seconds. With the detachable tray cover that makes your cleaning job just that much easier…rinse under the sink with a little soap and your done!

What we don’t love about Svan’s High Chair….
Svan’s High Chair includes a 3-point harness to strap your little ones in. This may not necessarily be something that every family would frown up on, however, our Lil’ Pea is a master escape artist and she can escape the 3-point harness. However, many families do not like their babies to be restricted, so a 3-point harness may be preferable to a 5 -point harness for your family.

The Svan High Chair retails for $259.99 and after taking this high chair for a test drive, I would happily purchase this high chair and recommend it to my friends. Want one of your very own? Visit and take one home!

Oh and you are more than welcome to leave a comment and thank me for inspiring Svan to make such a rockin’ high chair!

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Being PC is Overrated!

I have always been very PC…VERY, VERY PC! I learned early how to be the neutral one and in my “adult themed” life, I just amplified my PC ways when I became a mother. I have for all intents and purposes, transformed myself into the “Ultra PC Mom”!

Someone says something I don’t like..I just nod my head and move on. Someone has a different point of view than me..I just nod my head on move on. Someone wants to point out my flaws..I just nod my head and move on. All I do is NOD, NOD, NOD. Well I’m sick and tired of nodding!

It just occurred to me (thanks to my overly honest husband) that I encompass all of the traits that people want from a person they have to deal with. I agree with everything and I NEVER voice my opinion! Because my goodness, someone may think I’m crazy if I do that right? Well Maybe..but guess what I just figured out? Being PC is OVERRATED!

You probably noticed that I have recently been voicing my opinion. It’s time that I step out of Ultra PC Mom mode and into myself. This mama is no longer the “Ultra PC Mom” that I once was. I have made a commitment to be myself, speak my mind and share who I am. If you don’t like it.. go find some other Ultra “PC MOM” to style fake with, cause this one’s fed up!

You want to know about me? I’m the one who will jump in the ocean with all of my clothes still on. I’m the one that will show up on your front door step at 4 am when you had a fight with your husband. I’m the one who will help you for any reason, at anytime, and require nothing in return. I’m also that one that can explode feverishly, if pushed to my limits. I have thoughts, I have opinions and I actually have a brain that I use to organize my thoughts. I may be overly ambitious and easily excitable but I’ll take that mom, rather than “Ultra PC MOM”.

I have an opinion about things and your going to get the chance to become good friends with my friend, Mrs. Opinion. I have a small feeling that you would much prefer to hear me speak than not. And for the record, just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean that I’m going to complain about random things all the time. I may have an opinion on what color bugs I prefer live in my house. To be quite honest with you, I don’t like black bugs, I prefer, yellow or gold or blue. Their much prettier to glance at, as I’m running away, screaming.

So today’s epiphany: Being PC is simply overrated!

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