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Tassimo Home Brewing System Review

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Attention Starbucks fanatics!!!! I have often joked that my Iphone needs a Starbucks app.  One that with a simple push of a button delivers a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee right to my door…..C’mon you know  it’s a great idea!  Although I have yet to invent this potentially wonderful app, I have stumbled across a home brewing system that delivers a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee right in my kitchen: The Tassimo Home Brewing System by Bosch.

The Tassimo Home Brewing System
The Tassimo brewer allows each member of the family to have the exact drink they desire with just a simple push of a button.  This brewer is far from your average in-home coffee maker, offering simple drinks like coffee and hot chocolate to coffee house drinks like cappuccino’s and lattes! The Tassimo brewer features a an advanced water filtration system by Mavea and includes an exclusive flow-through water heater for faster and quieter brewing.

T Disc’s
The secret behind Tassimo’s barista-like beverages is in the T Disc’s.  Each T Disc has a special and unique bar code that tells the brewer what to do!  How cool is that?  Your home brewing system is talking to your coffee!   The T Disc’s tells the brewer how much water to choose and at what temperature, rendering you the perfect drink every time.

How it works
Well first you have to plug it in.  Some people forget that part, like I did because I was so excited to play with it that I forgot to connect it with electricity and then wondered why on earth it wasn’t working.  Yea, well we’ll save my my short comings for another post.  So after you plug it in, you simply fill it with water, turn it on and choose a drink.  For the purposes of this post we chose to make Starbucks Cappuccino.

Simply place a T disc of your choosing face down inside the top of the brewer and close the lid by pressing down.  The Tassimo then begins to talk to the T disc inside (do you think their gossiping?).  The T Disc tells the machine “I need a cappuccino so make some steam or something” and the Tassimo complies by brewing a small amount of espresso.

Once the espresso has been brewed, you then simply add the milk based T Disc that will render some serious foamage!

In just under a minute you have a cappuccino that looks and tastes just like the one you just paid $3.50 at Starbucks for yesterday morning!  Seriously, the Starbucks T Discs are spot on and oh how I heart my Starbucks!

Tassimo Beverage Options:

- Tassimo Premium Coffee

– Crema Coffee

– Real Milk Cappuccino & Lattes

– Espresso

– Hot Chocolate

– Tea

Our Experience:

No mess – I have quite a few reasons why I love the Tassimo system.  For starters there’s no mess.  The way the T Discs are designed, they do not spill coffee grounds or drip liquids.  There’s no grinding beans, no filtering coffee and no mess to clean up.  Simply remove the T Disc once brewing is complete and no further clean up is needed.  When the parts need cleaning, I simply toss them in the dishwasher!  Simple enough? We think so!

I can make everyone happy – The T Discs come in not only many different flavor options but also many coffee companies have jumped on board with this system like Starbucks, Gevalia, Tazo and Seattle’s Best just to name a few!  If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying a cup of Seattle’s Best coffee, your truly missing out.  I love having the versatility to offer my guests exactly what they want and not just “what we have”!

Easy to use – The system itself cannot possibly get any easier to use.  Just fill with water, insert a T Disc and hit “GO”!  The water tank is attached to the back of the unit and holds enough water to render about 6 cups.  The system features a built-in filtering system, eliminating the need to filter your water before hand…I love this feature because I don’t have to wait for the water to filter in the morning before I can have my cup of coffee!

Final thoughts
With multiple coffee varieties to choose from, easy clean-up and ease of use, we give the Tassimo Coffee Brewer two thumbs up!  As with nearly all products, there’s always aspects that are not so lovely.  The one and only downfall to this machine is that the T Discs can become rather pricey if your a heavy coffee drinker like myself.   Averaging about $.87 per cup this would be considered a pricey in-home cup of coffee, however for myself, the experience of yummy coffee makes up for the price difference.  If your an everyday Starbucks junkie, your ultimately going to save hundreds of dollars.  It all depends in how you look at it and if you buy smart, such as purchasing T Discs through Amazon using Subscribe & Save, in which you’ll receive a 15% discount on the T Discs.

Buy it!
The Tassimo T20 is available exclusively at Target and  Right now you can receive $30 off just in time for Mother’s Day!  Simply visit any Target store or visit thru May 11th and purchase the Tassimo home brewing system for just $99.99 (reg. $129.99)!  Other models are also available and can be purchased by visiting

Please Note: The giveaway portion of this post has been removed as per sponsor request.   My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Disclaimer: Bosch provided me with a Tassimo Home Brewing System to facilitate my review.  My thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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