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Total Gym Total Mom Challenge: Week 6: 4 Lbs. & Pilates?

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This last week was not one of my best moments in life.  With all 4 wisdom teeth out, the doctor gave me strict orders not to workout for a minimum of 7 days.   I had anticipated that the pain would be over within 24 hours (or so) and I would be moving on with my daily schedule in no time, with little thought about my doctors “orders”.


After misery day #5, I was beginning to think that the pain would never subside and that I would permanently remain a chipmunk!  Well I was right for the next two days and it wasn’t until day #8 that I headed back to the surgeon for a check-up, which I was certain was going to be horrific and bring nothing but more bad news.

Again. I. Was. Wrong.

Turns out I was healing right on schedule and I was given permission to work-out again. That meant that regardless of how much my mouth hurt or how closely I resembled those little tree mongers, I was headed back to my Total Gym, and I have to admit, I have missed it.

I weighed in this week and was shocked to see the scale when it read this:

Holy guacamole!  You know what I learned at that moment?  That I put entirely too much food in my mouth and the past week of eating limited meals in the form of liquid, I had lost another 4 lbs!  That was a bit of a wake-up call. Shortly after, I stood in front of the mirror before heading for my Total Gym and I realized that in just one week, my muscles had already began to deflate.  I was looking flabby and sunken and just plain awful!  If that isn’t motivation to move forward, I’m not sure what is.

Week 6 Stats:

Pilates with the Total Gym?
For the last two days, I have resumed the workout I have been doing the past few weeks, incorporating the cards.  However, I suddenly remembered that when i received the Total Gym, it came with 3 videos: Start Up, 6 to 8 Minute Workout and Pilates for Total Gym! Yes, with the Total Gym you can do Pilates!  The video has two programs: Pilates for Total Gym & Body Makeover for Total Gym, which allows you to boost the power of your workouts.  So although this last week was basically a bust, I’ll be focusing on incorporating Pilates into my Total Gym routine this week and using the video!

Stay Tuned for next week’s post and what I think about Pilates using the Total Gym!

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