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Wittlebee Box Makes a Great Gift!

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Wittlebee is a fabulous monthly clothes box subscription service which makes it easy for busy moms to get great value, high quality clothes worth around $100 for an amazing price of just $39.95 a month. And you can get $10 off your first box with our Wittlebee Coupon

Wittlebee also makes a great gift! You can now give Wittlebee as a 3, 6, or 12-month gift package.

So how does Wittlebee work? You go on their website and answer some questions about the type of clothes that you would like (including size, preferred colors and style). You can even talk to a personal stylist on the phone. Wittlebee then looks at your preferences and will put together a customized box of 6 items of clothing which will have a retail value of around $100. The regular price is $39.95 but you can get it for just $29.95 Shipped for your first month with our Wittlebee Coupon.

Wittlebee Box Coupon

We have had a couple of Wittlebee Boxes delivered and we really love the selection and quality of clothes we have received. It has even got my 6 year old son interested in the clothes he is wearing – he loves opening the box and seeing what is inside!

One particular thing that we love about Wittlebee is their customer service. They genuinely want customers to be happy with the box they receive. Their customer service is excellent and unlike most online companies these days you can actually talk to someone on the telephone. The CEO even gives you his number so that you can send him texts!

Here are our previous Wittlebee Reviews so that you can see exactly what we got in our boxes.

Wittlebee Box – A Happy Experience

Wittlebee Box and Coupon

We think that Wittlebee would make a great gift. Remember that you can change your style profile at any time online or by phone so Wittlebee will make up the perfect box for you every month taking into account your preferences.

Don’t forget our Wittlebee Coupon to save you $10. All discounts will chow at checkout.

Deals, Reviews

Wittlebee Box – Another Very Happy Experience – And A Wittlebee Coupon For You!

Our second Wittlebee Box arrived – and once again it contained a fabulous selection of clothes at an amazing discount price. Read on to find out exactly how Wittlebee works and what we got in our box so that you can decide if this is for you. And you can even get our very special Wittlebee Box Coupon so that you can get a $10 discount off your first box!

What is a Wittlebee Box?

Wittlebee is a clothes box subscription service for kids aged 0 to 5. Each month you will receive 6 kids clothing items which have a retail value of around $100. The cost is just $39.95 a month with free shipping.

We have a very special $10 Discount off Your First Wittlebee Box So for your first order you will get $100 worth of clothing for just $29.95!

No need for a coupon just Click Here to get your Wittlebee $10 off deal.

You can cancel or suspend your Wittlebee membership at any time. And their customer service is excellent!

How Do Wittlebee Know What You Want?

You really do get the feeling from the start of ordering on Wittlebee to the moment you open your box that this is a company who want you to be happy with their service. How rare is that these days?

You start with a fun online set of questions so that they can see what kind of items you need (shorts, pants, dresses, etc), what colors you like, what weather you need the clothes for, and you can even say what you would prefer not to receive in your Wittlebee Box. At any point you can speak to a stylist on the phone.

When I first signed up I remember wondering how they were really going to know my style. I am very picky! But somehow they really do seem to get it right. Out of the 16 items I have received from Wittlebee there is only one that I would probably not have bought myself. I really think that is impressive!

They also take notice of sizing. It is really difficult to get pants and shorts to fit my youngest son as he is tall but narrow! Most items we try on in stores just don’t fit. Wittlebee must have been listening to my notes about his size because everything in the box has actually fit him! So whatever specific needs you have for your Wittlebee Box, tell them about it. They will listen!

You can change your Wittlebee style preference as often as you want. Easy as that!

Wittlebee Box Savings

Of course I wanted to work out just how much money I had saved with my Wittlebee Box. In the picture above I show all the items that I could find priced online. I worked out that these 5 items alone in the Wittlebee Box would have cost me $70 – and that is without tax and shipping included.

Here are the details:

American Apparel Shirt $11.00
Crazy 8 Shorts $4.99
Gioberti Shorts $29.50
Crazy 8 Plaid Shorts $8.99
Star Wars Shirt $15.99

Total $70

Of course I have 3 other items in the Wittlebee Box – 2 shirts and another pair of shorts. The shorts are probably my least favorite in the box. Wouldn’t have bought them myself but I would guess the retail is around $10 to $15.

The shirts are my personal favorites. The Crazy 8 shirt is really excellent quality. I checked on their website and couldn’t find the exact shirt but similar ones were on sale for $10.95 – was surprised at this as I would have expected to pay at least $20 for that kind of quality.

The red Surf Club shirt is my absolute favorite out of the whole box. The fabric is just so soft – when I hug my son when he is wearing it I realized it reminds me of the soft high quality fabric he had as a baby! Bringing back some nice memories! I would expect to pay at least $20 for this type of quality shirt.

Of course my son’s favorite is the Star Wars shirt!

Overall I would say that once again there was more than $100 worth of clothing in my Wittlebee Box. The whole Wittlebee Box selection is so well put together – most of the clothes will mix and match so you have lots of combinations of different outfits.

Changes this month are that you will get 6 items in your Wittlbee Box, not 8, but the value will stay the same at around $100. At first to be honest I was not that pleased at the change. But having really thought about it now I think it is a good thing. I would rather have higher value, higher quality clothes in my Wittlebee Box. I have been very surprised by the high quality and good design of the items I have received so far. I am sure that 6 items will still offer exceptional value.

Wittlebee Wants You To Be Happy

Not many companies give you the personal text contact details of the CEO. In fact I can’t think of any other company which does. For me the goes a long way to showing that Wittlebee is a company that doesn’t just say it wants for you to be happy with their product, it actually does something about it.

I contacted them this month as one of the items I received in my Wittlebee Box was a duplicate of an item we got last month. Immediately I got a reply saying that not only that they would replace the item but also that they would send an additional item by way of an apology. I got my reply within less than an hour and I would expect that I will receive the new items very soon ( I will let you know when I do)!

So what are you waiting for? You can now get your first Wittlebee Box for just $29.95 with my very special $10 discount coupon. Just click on the link below to get that discount on your Wittlebee Box!

Wittlebee Box Coupon

I have received 2 boxes courtesy of Wittlebee. My opinions are very much my own and I would recommend Wittlebee to my sister, best friend and strangers on the street who ask me where I got my son’s outfit from (yes this has happened) because I think that Wittlebee is an amazing company!


Wittlebee Coupon and New Brands for Wittlebee Box

Have you discovered Wittlebee yet? Want to get a Wittlebee Coupon? A Wittlebee Box is the great way for busy moms to get a customized box of kids clothing each month shipped right to your door!

We all know that shopping for kids clothes can be a drag particularly when you have to take the little ones with you! Now your problems are solved with Wittlebee who will send you around $100 worth of clothes for just $39.95 a month Shipping Included!

Click Below to get your

Wittlebee Coupon

Your first Wittlebee Bow will be just $29.95

Here is a video we made which shows you just what you get from Wittlebee each month!

You can get $10 off your first order. Yes that’s just $29.95 Shipped for around $100 worth of clothes!

Wittlebee Coupon

What is in the Wittlebee Box?

Your Wittlebee Box will have some great brand names in it. Selections do vary but our box we got American Apparel, Gap and even Tea Collection! I know we definitely got amazing value in our Wittlebee Box.

Each month you will get 6 to 8 items, ranging from onesies, t-shirts, leggings, dresses and much more in your Wittlebee Box.

Wittlebee are always looking for new brands to bring to their customers and have just announced that they will be carrying Lately Lily for girls and Wes and Willy for boys.

How Does Wittlebee Work?

Everything is so simple. You answer a few questions online (or by phone if you prefer) which will tell Wittlebee about the age, size and clothes preferences of your child. For example what colors they like, what climate they need it for, what types of clothes they prefer.

We said that we wanted clothes for summer and we got a great selection of t shirt and shorts. We have had them for about a month now and my son loves all of them. They are really good quality and all are washing really nicely too. My son, like most boys, needs clothes that will endure a lot of running around, and they are doing really well!

The customer service at Wittlebee is really great. They are one of the few companies I have found that you can actually reach easily by phone if you need to.

Currently the sizes they cover are from newborn to 5T. Hope that one day soon Wittlebee start to carry a range for older kids too as I would love to order a box for my 10 year old!

What are you waiting for?

CLICK HERE for your Wittlebee Coupon. That’s $10 discount on your first Wittlebee box.

Remember there is no long term commitment. You can cancel at any time.

Wittlebee Coupon

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