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4.0 out of 5 stars very cute but a little annoying to use, August 18, 2011
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i started looking around for shopping cart/high chair covers as soon as my LO started sitting up well and decided to go with the balboa baby for the nice quality fabric and cute prints. i'll start with the pros...

1. the fabric is a really nice quality thick, quilted fabric with really rich colors. the quilting provides a little cushioning as well. i think they found the right balance so it's thick enough to provide some padding but will fold up in a compact enough package.
2. i love that it folds up into its own little pouch. it goes inside out so you keep the side that touches your baby away from the side that touches the gross carts. the pouch also has a little carry strap--really really useful when you're carrying a baby and a million other things. i clip the strap of the cart cover onto my diaper bag bc the pouch itself is a bit big to fit inside the diaper bag.
3. it has 2 little toy loops so when your LO throws his favorite toy or teether, it won't fall on... Read more

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5.0 out of 5 stars I think this product is great. Baby didn't say much., December 18, 2011
SaoDavi (Denton, Texas USA) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover, Lola (Baby Product)
I did my share of research before deciding on this cart cover. The price is what kept me looking and asking around for other opinions. It does cost more than your average cart cover but I do believe this cover is above average and well worth the cost. Here are the reasons why I like the cover.

1. It fits the carts at Target.
2. It has its own waist harness that attaches to the shopping cart through loop holes in the cover. Your child will be secured.
3. Fabric is nice. Pretty pattern. Sturdy, well-made and soft.
4. It has 2 loops on the front where I can attach toys or other random objects.
5. Works great on restaurant high chairs.
6. Folds into itself and makes a little pouch.
7. My husband was able to figure it out.
8. Next kid will use it whether it's a boy or girl so the $45 spent on it is justified.
9. I was able to put it on the cart easily.
10. Washes well.

FWIW, reviewer is an "older, worry-wort, borderline... Read more

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3.0 out of 5 stars Reasonably ok, but not ideal, October 21, 2013
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There is no perfect shopping cart cover out there. I've tried a few now. This one works reasonably well for most of the places we shop at. It works best on the traditional wire grocery carts- the fit is good and the belt can be threaded through the back of the seat. It's also well suited for plastic carts that have a wire seat back- like the ones at Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath & Beyond.

It's ok for the big plastic carts at Target. It's a tight fit, and the elastic on the cover pulls the seat back forward. That said, when my daughter is in a Target cart without the cover, she pulls the seat back forward on her own. I strap her in fairly snug, and she leans forward, pulling the seat back with her. Since this seems to be her preferred way of sitting in the cart she doesn't seem to mind or notice when the elastic on the cover pulls the seat back forward. You can't really use the cover's strap with the Target carts- the velcro is too stiff to let you thread the strap through the... Read more

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