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5.0 out of 5 stars Great price and ships for free to my door step, December 27, 2012
Hip RN Mama (Galena, Ohio)
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This review is from: Pampers Sensitive Wipes Box, 768 Count (Health and Beauty)
I have been using the Subscribe and Save Program through Amazon for these wipes for the past 2 years and have been very happy with the product and the service. The packages all have the reclosable seal on the top, so I can put a package of these in the diaper bag and they never dry out. I have never had a problem with receiving dried out wipes and each box also comes with the large, hard plastic wipe container. That is nice because over time the lids do break or I give them to my inlaws to keeps extra wipes at their house. These always come on time and I can decide if I want to skip an order if I do not need any wipes or I can have an extra order shipped if I am running low and it is not yet time for my pre-determined order to ship. I feel like the price is good and I get so many at a time that I never have to worry about frequently purchasing them at the store and carrying a heavy box home. I really like the Sensitive wipes because I have never had a problem with break outs and they... Read more

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous product, fantastic price., October 8, 2012
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This review is from: Pampers Sensitive Wipes Box, 768 Count (Health and Beauty)
I have two children (now two and four) with extremely sensitive skin. These wipes are super soft, and never irritate my wee ones' skin.

Having used every kind of wipe in the last 4 1/2 years, I really like these very best. They may feel a little thin to those used to store brand or Huggies wipes, but they are much, much softer than those alternatives and still get the job done. (I personally don't like the wet paper-towel feel of Huggies wipes)

These are also great on non-bottom skin. We use them to wipe hands and faces regularly. I really hate the slimy feeling of goo on my hands, and these leave my hands clean but not slimed up.

I also love the subscribe and save feature, making these much cheaper than through a retail store. It's also most convenient to always have some one hand. One in the diaper bag, one in the purse, a couple on the changing table. Fabulous product at a fabulous price.

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend, April 29, 2013
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This review is from: Pampers Sensitive Wipes Box, 768 Count (Health and Beauty)
I assume that as a parent, you have had at least 1 of these 3 things happen:
A) Run out of wipes at a most in opportune time
B) Pulled wipes out of your diaper bag to find that they had dried out and weren't going to work on the monster diaper that laid before you.
C) Have become so used to using baby wipes as miracle wipes for everything that you don't want your child to outgrow their use

Getting this big box helps a LOT! We never run out and since we subscribe, when we have 2 packages left, a new box arrives!
I have left the package open in our diaper bag over night and the whole pack did not dry out over night.
These don't wreak of "baby product," so I use them on my self or for quick messes my child creates and I don't feel that I am announcing to the world, "I have a child and smell like one too!"

My baby's skin is a tad on the sensitive side and she is prone to yeast infections and diaper rashes. These wipes do not... Read more

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