Itzy Ritzy Introduces Wet Happened? Wet Bags, Glitzy Gals & 20% OFF For You!

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We were recently in the market for a new shopping cart/high chair cover when I happened to stumble upon Itzy Ritzy, an upscale company with some really fun products. Not only did we purchase one of their covers, but we also wanted to try out a few of their new products, Glitzy Gals and their Wet Happened? Wet Bags! I’m sure your wondering what on earth I’m talking about, so let me spill…..

Glitzy Gals are brand new washable nursing pads that were just released this month. Just throw out the idea of what you know washable nursing pads to be and enter a new idea: Highly fashionable, comfortable, and eco-friendly nursing pads that will add a bit of glamour to something you already use. Glitzy Gals nursing pads are made of designer 100% cotton top layer lined with interior and bottom layers of absorbent, eco-friendly baby bamboo. Bamboo is great because it’s naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, deodorizing and naturally wicks breast milk from skin. Pretty smart thinking don’t you think?

Itzy Ritzy sent us a box of Glitzy Gals to check out and since I’m still breastfeeding Lil’ Pea, I was excited to check them out! Glitzy Gals are thin, while still remaining absorbent and you can double them up for heavy leakage. The patterns are fun, the fabric is comfortable and the fact that their eco-friendly just made me feel a little bit better. A Six-piece box set of Glitzy Gals includes: one pair Boho Chic/Bamboo, one pair Avocado Damask/Bamboo & one pair Natural/Bamboo. Glitzy Gals retails for $19.99 (enter code: MOMMIES to save 20%) and I think these would make a really fun baby shower gift for that expecting mama and don’t forget yourself, of course!

Now on to the Wet Happened? Wet Bag! Itzy Ritzy™ partnered with Wet Happened?™ to manufacture and distribute the industry leading Wet Happened?™ wet bag!! Itzy Ritzy sent us a New Wet Happened? Wet Bag to check out and I soon found out that these wet bags were going to be my diaper bag’s new best friend. My first thought was that these were going to be great for our cloth and hybrid diapering needs, but I shortly found out they had more uses. We recently changed our oldest daughters swim and gymnastics lessons to be one right after the other and this mama wasn’t prepared, or so I thought! She was in between swim and gymnastics class and through her bathing suit at me so that she could change into her gym clothes and I thought, “Oh No, what am I going to do with this”! I remembered that I had my Wet Happened? Wet Bag in my diaper bag and through it in there until we got home…what a life saver! These are really going to come in handy for pool play dates this summer!

Wet Happened? Wet Bags
are 100% cotton designer fabric exterior with zipper closure and PVC-free, polyurethane lining. They easily fold for storage and transport and are reusable, washable, eco-friendly and fashionable! Wet Happened? Wet Bags are sold in two different sizes:

Medium 11” x 14” holds 4-6 cloth diapers.
Large 14” x 17” holds 6-8 cloth diapers

Wet Happened? Wet Bags start at $17.95 and you can purchase Glitzy Gals and Wet Happened? Wet Bags at

Big Savings for “Deal”ectible Mommies readers, enjoy 20% OFF all new purchases with promo code: MOMMIES

The Wet Happened? Wet Bags and the Glitzy Gals would make great Mother’s Day gifts for yourself or that new or expecting mother. Big thanks goes to Itzy Ritzy for creating two essential items that Mom’s need and doing it in style!

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