Mutsy: Modern Design Meets Baby Gear

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Mutsy…A simple name, with a company behind it that will far exceed any and all expectations you had about baby gear.
Mutsy has taken baby gear and turned it into a proclamation of art and one that brings sheer pleasure to at least, this mama. After weeks and weeks of stroller research, My husband and I concluded that the Mutsy Spider would be the best choice for our next stroller.

We were looking for a light weight stroller that would easily collapse and not take much time to deal with. I, personally, was also looking to find a stroller that was not only functional but, different and beautiful to look at. It was hard to surpass the stroller we were using prior (the Silver Cross Linear Freeway), but Mutsy met my expectations and then some. The Mutsy Spider has lines and curves that will make you want to jump on a race track and go “stroller racing”! Hmmmm, do I have an idea here ;) I can see the headlines now, “Local Mom’s Group, Gears up For First Ever Stroller Races”….”Public Welcome”!

The Mutsy Spider sits on a tripod and sports swivel front wheels, which makes pushing the Spider a breeze. This hot mama spins on a dime! Other features include superb seat recline, height adjustable handle, matching shoulder pads and a five-point harness. A fully protective hood and basket are also included! The best part of the Mutsy Spider is that to fold it up all you have to do, is lift the seat and pull a handle…it auto folds right beneath your hands! When you need to get it out of the car, just fling it and it locks into place….I know, I know, it totally rocks!

The Spider’s not the only piece of baby gear Mutsy makes…I wish I would have known about Mutsy when Lil’ Pea was born, I would have purchased the Mutsy 4Rider. The Mutsy 4Rider is by far, the most versatile stroller I have seen to date. Just check out what this baby can do:

- 4Rider Collection-Interchangeability at its best, the collection includes the contemporary minimalist styled 4Rider, the sporty 4Rider Light (ideal for parents on the go), the 4Rider “Next” with its sleek leather handle. The 4Rider Collection allows for many different options and grows with your child from newborn to toddler to child. With the Mutsy 4Rider, you can choose to use the frame with or without the bassinet and you can remove the stroller seat and attach it to the joey, which will turn the seat into a rocker (see below). Also with the Mutsy 4Rider you can use the fun seat which allow baby to feel like he’s really in control (see below). The 4Rider encompasses everything parents are looking for in a stroller and then some.

Mutsy Slider – A new concept expanding on the conventional Mutsy system, the Slider is compact, lightweight, and features a high quality sophisticated look. A car seat adaptor (sold separately) is available to accommodate the Graco SnugRide® car seat, Safe Seat® and Maxi Cosi™ car seat. Other optional accessories include a nursery bag, basket bag and a foot muff. This striking new range is beautifully finished and includes many innovative and technical details.

-Fun Seat – Older toddlers will love Mutsy’s bright orange Funseat featuring a handle bar that lets them steer and ride along. Its optional, oversized duffel bag which fits in the over-sized basket, provides ample room for all the gear required for outings at the beach, playground and amusement park. Funseat is suitable from 12 months.

- Joey Seat – The ultra-chic “Joey” bassinet and seat is also offered for the Mutsy 4Rider range. The “Joey” seat can be used with either its richly upholstered cover or in a more minimalist form featuring a stunning combination of dual density foam and mesh.

- Grow-Up!-The most stylish and comfortable seat at the table for baby. This chic little booster seat features a clever harness to ensure baby is fastened safely. Is this the coolest booster you have ever seen or what? Mutsy’s designs are truly one of a kind.

- Easygrow – An evolutionary high chair that grows with baby. Mutsy’s new child seat brings life to a home’s interior and provides a child with a safe and comfortable place at the table. Both the seat and foot rest can be easily adjusted and can accommodate children from the time they can sit unaided to 12 years of age. Available in a range of colors, the Easygrow is lightweight at just 16.5 lbs., allowing for mom to effortlessly position the chair anywhere she wants.

A little bit about Mutsy:
Mutsy was originally founded as Mutsaerts in 1935 and got its start building traditionally styled prams. The company was purchased by long-time employee Cees Driessen in the 1980s. In the new millennium, the vision of the Driessen’s son, Freek, was to create an aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced frame as the basis of a distinctive new line of innovative baby transport products.

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