Mutsy Grow-up: A Booster Seat that Works!

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As many of you know we have been traveling recently. With a very busy 4 year old and an 18 month old, you can imagine how chaotic our travels can be! One of our biggest complaints while traveling is keeping Lil’ Pea in a high chair, or any chair for that matter! I can strap this kid down with chains and she’d still find a way to get out. She truly has a gift. Before we began our travels I knew I had to have something to contain her, especially during feedings, so I set out on a mission for a travel seat.

What did I come up with?
After 4 hours online at 11:00 at night, I noticed that nearly all of the travel seats and booster seats had only 3-point harnesses. With my escape artist? Not gonna happen! But Alas, I found the Mutsy Grow-up. The Mutsy Grow-up is a booster seat that can be used for children up to 4 years old.

Why we chose the Mutsy Grow-up?

1. It is the ONLY booster seat I could find with a 5 point harness! Not only does the Mutsy Grow-up have a 5-point harness, but an adjustable one at that! I can adjust the five point harness in the back to keep Lil’ Pea strapped in so perfectly that it eliminates any chance that she is getting out.

2. Choice of colors! I loved the range of colors Mutsy offers in the Grow-up, including Mandarin, Apple, Raspberry, Aqua, Blueberry and Nut! The colors are far from ordinary with vibrant colors that say “pick me, pick me”!

3. The safety of the seat! The Mutsy Grow-up attaches underneath the chair and in the back of the chair. I feel safe that she’s not going to tip over or fall off the chair!

4. The Mutsy Grow-up has a very wide seat, allowing Lil’ Pea some breathing room and because of this she doesn’t feel like she’s on lock down.

5. Ease of cleaning! Just give the Mutsy Grow-up a quick wipe down with a sponge or damp cloth and your ready for your next feeding! No grooves or holes for food to get caught.

I contacted Mutsy who kindly sent us a Grow-up to take on our travels and we can’t say enough about this booster seat. We strapped it to different chairs and it accommodated each one. I think the most reassuring part was that Lil’ Pea loves this booster seat. She never protested while being put into the Mutsy Grow-up and actually asks to get in it on her own! Score! Not only will we be traveling afar with this seat, but will also be using the Grow-up at local restaurants. With the Grow-up’s 5-point harness, wide color options, roominess, safety, and ease of cleaning, we give this booster seat 5 stars across the boards!

For more information on the Mutsy’s Grow-up, visit Mutsy Online. Retailing for $58.95, you can purchase the Mutsy Grow-up at and use code: dealmmu to save 10%! You can also find the Mutsy Grow-up at Amazon.

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