Inglesina Club High Chair Review

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We were recently given the opportunity to try out the Inglesina Club High Chair! I have to say I was a bit hesitant as it only encompasses a 3-point harness and you all know what a little escape artist Lil’ Pea is! Although it played on my love for “modern design” and with the simplicity of the chair we just had to take it for a test drive.

When the small box arrived, we weren’t quite sure how a high chair could fit inside the box, however, we soon learned that all of the pieces were nicely tucked inside and they sent my favorite color, Orange! Putting the Inglesina Club High Chair together took about five minutes due to the simplicity of the design. You basically have a molded seat, 4 legs, a footrest, a tray and a chair cover..that’s it!

Once the chair was put together, it was hard not to notice the simplistic design that I love so much. We strapped Lil’ Pea in and to my surprise she couldn’t escape! Because of the Club High Chair’s molded seat, it bent around Lil’ Pea’s body, literally hugging her in place. Add the 3-point harness on top of that and our babies not going anywhere!

Features we love…

1. Molded Seat – not only does this add to the design element of the chair, it hugs your little one in place and accommodates a “stay put” mantra.

2. Removable Seat Pad – The Seat Pad does not have to be used with the Club High Chair, however this will add to the comfort level, especially with small babies. The seat pad is washable, just wipe down with a sponge or damp cloth and your ready for babies next feeding. The color options also allow for parents to match to many decors.

3. Removable Snack Tray – The Snack Tray is easy to take on and off, however in most instances your going to need two hands. After a bit of practice it may be possible to remove it with one hand, but I did not find this to be an easy feat. There are no grooves or holes for food to fall into, therefore allowing for easy cleanup under the sink or with a damp cloth. You also have the option of removing the snack tray and allowing baby to sit at the table with mom dad!

4. Foot Rest – The foot rest is not only in place for babies comfort, but also adds to the stability of the chair.

5. Design – Not only does the Inglesina Club High Chair sport a modern design, but the simplicity of the chair adds to the modern design just a little bit more. It’s not a high chair that your going to come across everyday and we love that about this chair. The chair pads come in orange, red or graphite, allowing you to have fun and play with your decor a bit.

What your not going to find….

With the Inglesina Club High Chair your not going to find a whole lot of bells and whistles. Your not going to find a reclining seat, no adjustable height, no wheels and no added bling. However, bells and whistles would certainly take away from the simplicity and modern design element that Inglesina was going for and as a parent of two girls, let me be the first to tell you that simple is simply better in my opinion!

The Inglesina Club High Chair retails for $119 and therefore affordable for the everyday family. You can purchase the Inglesina Club High Chair at! Inglesina is also in the business of strollers and prams and they have a line to drool over. Simply yummy! For more information about the Inglesina Club High Chair, you can visit Inglesina online.

A big thanks to Inglesina for introducing us to the Club High Chair!

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