Clorox College Survival Guide

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As you all know, I’m finishing up my A.S. this year and school is now back in session! You wouldn’t believe the amount of freshman in my classes, eager and ready to learn! Their enthusiasm and vigor for their future, excites me, and is strongly contagious to say the least! But let’s face it, for freshman entering college, it is not all excitement and fun. Moving far away from home to a new school, where you don’t anything or anyone, can be frightening!

While college freshman are worried about fitting in, their mother’s sit anxiously at home, hoping that all goes well and their future will pan out the way they had always hoped. Mom’s also worry about germs and flu season! Well, let’s face it, mom’s really worry about everything! To ease Moms’ concerns and prepare freshmen for college, The Clorox Company teamed up with college students and moms across the country to develop an authentic College Survival Guide. The 2009 Clorox College Survival Guide not only has mom’s fears covered but encourages young college students to strive for their best, while offering tips to ease the transition. The Clorox College Survival Guide offers tips such as:

• A “heads up” on the popular regional trends in clothing and accessories as well as activities that come along with going to school in the Midwest, the Northeast, the South, and the West Coast

• Instructions for a “5-Minute Dorm Room Clean-Up”

• Seasonal influenza and novel H1N1 2009 flu virus prevention tips •

Dorm room “must-haves” for living away from home

• Lifestyle tips from experienced Moms

The 2009 Clorox College Survival Guide is available for download at! I also encourage you to check out and become a fan of the College Survival Guide Facebook Fan Page, which you can find by searching “College Survival Guide 2009” on Facebook.

A big thanks to Mom Central and Clorox for sharing this wonderful resource for College students and their families!

Note: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Clorox Company and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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