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Dinoroars Stompers by Playskool

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Did you know that October is National Dinosaur Month?

International Dinosaur Month began in 1997 and is said to be to be devoted to the study of dinosaurs and paleontologists and dino-artists and dino-educators wherever we may find them to protect and preserve their fossils, to encourage kindness to them all, and to appreciate their contributions to human knowledge and to our understanding of our humble place in the vastness of time and the universe ( ).

Introducing little ones to the magic of dinosaurs creates a wonderful educational experience for girls and boys alike. Playskool offers a fun, early introduction to Dinosaurs with their Dinoroars Stompers. Dinoroars Stompers are Playskools line of soft and snuggly baby dinosaurs that come to life when you pet their backs! The dinoroars Stompers roar, move their head and mouth up and down and stomp just like dinosaurs once did. Well, in a miniature, kind-of life like, parents don’t have to feed it, kind of way! This prehistoric playmate even comes with a discovery sheet, so that little ones can learn all about their new friend.

My girls had the opportunity to check out the Playskool Dinoroars Stomper (Triceratops). Big Pea has been fascinated by dinosaurs for some time now, so the Dinoroars Stomper was a welcome surprise. Although Big Pea is a bit old for this toy, you would have never guessed it by watching her and Lil’ Pea play with it. They watched him stomp around and make noises and laughed every time he did. Lil’ Pea was interested in holding and cuddling the little guy, while Big Pea was more interested in watching his prehistoric moves. The Dinoroars Stomper was a big hit with both girls.

Playskool’s Dinoroars Stompers are rated for children 3 years and up. He operates on 3 AA batteries which are included with your purchase. Dinoroars Stompers retail for $24.95, but by visiting you can print a $10 off coupon, making this the perfect price point for Christmas gift giving!
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