Boba Organic Carrier Review

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Many of you may remember when we reviewed the Sleepy Wrap awhile back! Well Sleepy Wrap has introduced a brand new carrier and we had the chance to take it for a spin! First, let me say that I have lower back issues and as Lil’ Pea gets older and heavier, it’s important to find a carrier that supports my back and places her weight evenly and not just on my lower back or shoulders. Well, let me say…Boba Organic delivers!

What is Boba Organic?The Boba Organic carrier is the all new baby carrier from Sleepy Wrap, designed for children 1-4 years of age. This new organic carrier offers style and sophistication all wrapped up in an Organic Cotton package!

Our experience with the Boba Organic Baby Carrier….

The Fit – The Boba Organic Baby Carrier is designed to fit most adults and has plenty of adjustments to ensure proper fit and a comfortable ride for both parent and child. The waist belt is thick, padded and structured to support your lower back while carrying your child and features an added safety button, ensuring that your child is safe while in the carrier. This carrier does not have any head support, per say, however we found this to be a bonus for us. Lil’ Pea does not like to feel held down or strapped down and with this carrier, she was able to freely swing her arms about, while the top of the carrier rested just beneath her armpits. However, if she fell asleep I would have to readjust her and place her arms beneath the fabric in order to keep her head from flopping around, a task that proved to be a tad bit on the difficult side in the back carry position but rather easy in the front carry position.

The Fabric - the fabric on the Boba Organic Carrier is SO soft! The fabric is 100% organic cotton with 100% organic Texas cotton lining. There are no rough edges, seams, buttons or snaps. The fabric allows your child to move about freely, getting comfortable in just about any position.

The Ride – I found the Boba Organic Baby Carrier to be very comfortable while toting around Lil’ Pea. Lil’ Pea has finally begun to gain some weight and at 24 lbs, is no longer a light load to tote around. The Boba Organic baby carrier offered support in all the right places ensuring a comfortable ride for me as well as Lil’ Pea. The carrier did not pull on my upper shoulders (a big pet peeve) which was a welcome surprise to say the least. Because of the thick, structured waist belt, my back was properly supported and did not hurt while using the carrier or after taking it off.

The Foot Straps – these took a bit getting used to for me as well as Lil’ Pea but after a few tries we got the hang of it. Although the leg straps were intended for her to rest her little feet, she is very, very active and she preferred to use them as a stepping stones to push up and I had to remind her to sit still. For the time being, we are not using the foot straps, however they are intended for the average child and are meant to properly align the spine and ensure that your child is in the proper sitting position.

The Design – This is one hot carrier! Not only are you getting a 100% organic cotton carrier, but this baby carrier is a real looker with it’s multiple color choices including, lime green and dark brown, ivory and dark brown and solid color combinations. Boba organic offers a stylish carrier with out the bulk!

Overall Thoughts - We love, love, love the Boba Organic carrier. With it’s comfortable fabric, multiple adjustments, ease of use and overall comfortable ride, we give this carrier two thumbs up!


- accommodates children 1-4 years (15-45 lbs)
- one size fits most adults
- front and back carry
- made with GOTS and OE100 certified 100% organic cotton
- 100% organic Texas cotton lining
- machine washable
- safety buckle to prevent unintended release
- high density waist and shoulder strap foam
- foot straps for extra leg/hip support
- high back for better overall support

Buy it!
To purchase the Boba Organic Baby Carrier just visit “Deal”ectible Mommies readers can use code: Deal-ectible to save 10% through December 1st!

Review Disclaimer: We were sent the Boba Organic carrier for the sole purpose of reviewing the carrier. My thoughts and opinions are remain my own and were not influenced by the company!

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