Micralite Toro Stroller Review

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Consumer Reports just recently named the Micralite Toro the #1 Luxury Stroller on the market! The Micralite Toro was rated Excellent in safety, maneuverability and durability. That’s pretty impressive, to say the least! Well, we have had the chance to own this amazing stroller for the past 2 months and given the amount of time we have used this stroller, I know every in and out and nook and cranny and I’m going to tell you what we think of Micralite Toro and why we think Consumer Reports was right on the money with their rating!

The Micralite Toro combines amazing design with exceptional quality and they pulled out all the stops when they built this stroller. I’m a little embarrassed to report that this is stroller #14 for us, but I think many of you who visit us often, know that I have a bit of a fascination with strollers. From luxury strollers to umbrella strollers and everything in between, we have had the chance to test drive some great and not so great strollers and at this point, I consider myself an expert in the field!

There are so many things about the Toro that make it the only stroller you’ll ever want or need, but I’m going to touch on a few points that I think are so important when shopping for a stroller.

Luxury & Lightweight…

Many parents opt for a Luxury Stroller in the beginning but as your child grows, you’ll find that switching to a lightweight umbrella stroller is ideal due to the weight. With the Micralite Toro you get a luxury stroller, weighing in at just 18 lbs, making it lightweight and the only stroller you’ll have to purchase! Parents can start out with the newborn bassinet and as the child grows, switch to the Toro seat. The design of the Toro makes opening and closing the stroller quick and easy and parents can just grab the side bar of the stroller, toss in the car and your on your way!

The Up and Down Jenga…

Folding the Micralite Toro – The first thing I want to know when purchasing a stroller is how it folds and un-folds. I have had strollers that have been such a pain in the butt that you want to throw them and others that have been rather easy. The folks at Micralite want parents to be on their way as quickly as possible and do what they do best, parent! The Toro unfolds with the release of two buttons near the top and then a push of the frame. When it’s time to fold it up, you can just pull the seat to the upright position and pull the handle and your done! Oh and did I mention that this stroller stands on it’s own in the folded position? I know, I know…that rocks!

Seat Positions – The Toro is unique in that the entire seat moves rather than just the back of the seat. The Toro offers 3 positions: Upright, Midway and completely reclined. Yes, this stroller lays completely flat, an option that seems to be hard to find these days! The Seat can be moved up and down with ease in just a second and the process is so smooth that baby won’t even notice!

Maneuverability and Terrain…

This is a pet peeve of mine. I have owned many strollers who have a lack of proper maneuverability. They are hard to push with one hand or turn around in tight spaces, not to mention the poor little peanut that’s getting bumped around inside. Your not going to run into this problem with the Micralite Toro. This stroller has amazing maneuverability! With larger wheels in the back, smaller wheels in the front and inflatable tires, the Micralite Toro spins on a dime and only one hand is needed to push in any direction. This is the first stroller we have owned with inflatable tires, an option I thought I would dislike. I was dead wrong! This stroller will cut through concrete, grass, sand, mud and just about any other terrain you can think of, with ease, offering a comfortable ride for baby and an easy push for mom and dad! Ideal for travel, play dates and all outdoor activities.

Bad Weather, No Problem…

Quick Release System – We don’t have horrible weather where we live, but we do have the occasional rainfall. We recently had to attend Big Pea’s field trip to the pumpkin patch and it had just rained…yuck! So as you can imagine, we had to push the stroller through mud and guck and when it was time to get in the car, we weren’t quite sure what to do, as we didn’t want to get mud all over the car and everything else in the back, for that matter. The Micralite Toro offers a quick release system for the tires and with the push of a button, the tires pop off and we were able to slip them into a plastic bag until we arrived at home to wash them off…WOW!

Rain Cover & Boot – The Micralite Toro also comes with a rain cover that attaches really easily and a boot system unlike any I have ever seen. The boot does not have snaps or buttons, but rather slips over the bottom of the stroller and folds over the bumper bar…that’s it! The material on the bumper bar keeps the boot in place and makes attaching it a breeze!

Canopy – The Canopy is quite large and offers the best coverage we have seen to date in a stroller. With the boot and the canopy, your child will not be exposed t0 the elements and with the added coverage from the rain cover, your sure to keep your little one safe from mother nature!


Brakes – The brake system is one of the strongest I have experienced. It double clicks in and engages with just a push of mom or dad’s shoe! Trust me when I say, this stroller’s not going anywhere, once the brake is engaged.

5-Point Harness – The Micralite Toro offers a 5 point harness system that we were truly impressed with. On many other strollers we have owned, the straps get twisted and tangled and the release eventually begins to stick. The way the 5-point harness is designed on the Toro, does not allow for twisting and tangling. Once the release button is pressed, both sides of the harness, pop out, making getting baby in and out, quick and painless!

Baby Bumber Bar – We love this! The baby bumper bar not only allows for your child to have something to hold onto or lean on, but we found it to be a lifesaver when out and about! Lil’ Pea has a tough time sitting still and we now give her a coloring book, which rests against the baby bumper bar and she can color with ease and mom and dad get a bit of a break at the same time!

Optional Handlbar Extensions…

For those parents who are tall or have long legs, the optional (and sold separately) handlebar extensions are amazing! I wanted to mention these as my husband is just over 6ft and he has kicked every stroller we have owned. Not only do the handlebar extensions keep you from kicking the back of the stroller but they add to the amazing maneuverability. They give you leverage and I find that it’s even easier to push the Toro with the handlebar extensions. Another great thing about the handlebar extensions is that once they are on the stroller, you can move the handlebars in any directions without any tools.

Other important information….

The Toro is recommended for children up to 40 lbs and offers plenty of room for growing children. Taller, older children may have to bend there knees a bit to keep their feet on the footrest, but there is plenty of room under the canopy that their not going to bump their heads. Perfect for the growing child. The Toro comes in plenty of vibrant colors including green, orange, black, yellow and red. The Toro is adaptable with Maxi Cosi Mico, Graco Snugride and Graco Safeseat car seats. There is a small basket but the seat must be in the flat back position to access it from the front, however accessing it from the back is done quite easily.

Final Thoughts…

I admit, I searched for something to be wrong with this stroller and I just couldn’t find it. We stand behind Consumers Reports claim! With the Toro’s beautiful design, amazing maneuverability, ease of use and fact this stroller grows with your child, we give the Toro 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Buy it….

You can purchase the Micralite Toro Stroller ($525), Micralite Newborn System ($700) and optional accessories by visiting Scandanavian Child!

Review Disclaimer: Scandanavian Child provided us with a Micralite Toro Stroller free of charge for our review. My thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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