Clorox I Don’t Want to Miss…Contest!

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As if the seasonal flu wasn’t enough for our school-aged kids to fight off, we have H1N1 right on their tale in an attempt to to attack their little immune systems as well.  When our kid’s get sick, it’s not only miserable for them but they have the added burden of missing activities at school and worse yet, risk being behind with their school work.  Big Pea has already missed 6 days of school this year due to the flu and she gets upset every time.  She truly enjoys school and misses the songs they sing in class and most importantly her social time: Recess!

That’s why The Clorox Company has teamed up with former American Idol finalist, Danny Gokey, in an effort to spread the word about flu prevention with the I Don’t Want to Miss….contest!  The I Don’t Want to Miss…contest is a national campaign designed to get teens and their teachers involved in flu prevention! 

By entering the I Don’t Want to Miss…contest, school musical groups are invited to create a video performance for a song written by Berklee College of Music student, Will Wells, on what they don’t want to miss out on if they were at home sick and the importance of prevention.  The winning school will WIN a music class led by former American Idol finalist, Danny Gokey!

There’s a few really great things I want to point about this contest, like the fact that Clorox will donate $100 to the Sophia’s Heart Foundation for each entry submitted.  The Sophia’s Heart Foundation was founded by Gokey, in an honor of his late wife, Sophia, and dedicated to helping children achieve academic success via musical training and restoring musical dreams in children!  Additionally, the teachers of the first 100 groups to submit will receive a wellness care package from The Clorox Company!  Pretty cool, right?

Important Note: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that children and teens over 6 months and up to age 18 get flu vaccinations. In addition to vaccination, the most important step in flu prevention, disinfecting areas that are touched frequently and washing hands often play an important role in prevention.

Check out the I Don’t Want to Miss…contest home page to check out all of the details!To learn more about prevention, visit The Clorox Page on Facebook

Disclaimer: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Clorox and received $20 thank-you gift certificate.”

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