Humming Bird Feeders: Fun For the Whole Family

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently received the best hummingbird feeder from! The girls have noticed the hummingbird feeder at Grandma’s house and have been asking for one, for some time now.  We have a blue bird that visits daily in the back yard and the girls are mesmerized by his presence.  They seem to get  a little twinkle in their eye each time he visits and I think that little bird notices them too!  Hummingbird feeders take that to the next level, because you can hang a hummingbird feeder right outside of a window and the kids can watch them flap their little wings right in front of them, as they come to grab a snack, and I’ll be honest….it’s a little magical for me too!  How can it not be?  We get to witness raw nature right in front of us and that’s just priceless, especially for a child.

Top Fill Technology…. offers hummingbird feeders with Top Fill Technology as you can see in the picture to the right!  This means that in order to fill up your bird feeder, all you have to do is unscrew the wide mouth cap, pour in the liquid and pull the top up in order to open the feeding ports.  That’s it, easy as pie and your done!  No leaks and better yet, no mess!

Our hummingbird feeder came with a cleaning mop and hummingbird feeder nectar.  It’s recommended that you clean your hummingbird feeders twice a week and the mop certainly makes that more of a reality, as I can just unscrew, give it a little wipe down and be on my way.  Because the birdfeeder is clear, you can easily see how much feed you have left and the bright red nectar makes for an attractive addition to our back patio!  As you can see from the pic above, we hung ours from a tree in our backyard and the kids can see it right through the window, making enjoying these little birds convenient!

Top Fill Challenge
How about a chance to win a Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder?  Head on over to the and fill your virtual bird feeder for a chance to win!   The top 3 scores win each week!  I played this game a few times, because it’s actually that fun!  You have to race to see how quickly you can fill your bird feeder and my current score is 32 seconds!!!  So head over and see if you can beat my time because I’m currently winning with the #3 spot!

Buy it!
You can purchase the above mentioned hummingbird feeder, as well as many, many others from!  This online store offers  hummingbird feeders starting at $11 , making this an affordable experience for the whole family! 

Disclaimer: provided me with the above mentioned hummingbird feeder and accessories to facilitate my review.  My thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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