Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus: The Unveil!

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As many of you are aware, I signed on as an official Verizon Palm Pre Mommy Blogger! This post will kick off a series of 8 posts in attempt to offer you the ultimate review of the Palm Pre Plus! As a mom who spends many hours online social networking and writing, I need a smartphone that can perform when I’m away from my beloved computer, so that I can spend my time on the most important job I have…the job of MOM! The New Palm Pre Plus is said to offer tons of features for moms on the go, and it’s now my mission to dissect this phone and see if it really is the ultimate “mommy” device!

The Unveil

Unboxing a new phone is always fun! As I unboxed the Palm Pre Plus, I immediately noticed it’s shiny black exterior, sporting sleek, clean and stylish lines. The phone is much more compact than I had anticipated and much smaller than the smart phone I was carrying previously. I’m a little concerned that I may drop it, so I may have to purchase an outer shell for better hand grip! The included accessories were also small, stylish and straight forward. The packaging was minimal, compact and I could tell the company put much thought into maintaining precious resources, as the packaging didn’t contain sheets of wasted paper and wasted plastic pieces!

What’s inside the box?
- Palm Pre Plus 3G Smartphone
- USB cord
- Wall Charger
- Headphones
- Stylish Carry Case
- Getting Started Guide

All of the included accessories look and feel like quality items.  I immediately noticed the small, stylish wall charger! The wall charger is a small circular object that has “fold-away” wall prongs for easy storage when not charging. The included USB cord plugs into the small charging unit and the other end hooks directly into your phone. This is much different than previous devices I have used and is the first time I have seen a cell phone use a charger such as this. The included headphones can be used while on phone calls or used to listen to music on the phone, an added bonus as I listen to music every day on my phone. The carry case is actually stylish enough that I will actually use it, another added bonus, as many phones do not come with carry cases, let alone good looking ones!

As I powered up the unit, I  noticed the bright colors on the home screen. The picture is sharp and clear and can be used in the “keyboard open” position or the “keyboard closed” position. This phone can be operated by touch OR by manual operation, a feature I know I will love, primarily for texting purposes.

The slider on the phone is easy to use and with just a flick of your thumb, it easily slides open, displaying a small, sleek keyboard. For those who are not in love with touch screen technology, the keyboard offers another avenue of operating the phone. For those who love your touch screen technology, the heat sensitive touch screen works really, really well and I’ll talk about this more in detail in upcoming posts.The back of the phone has a mirrored area above the camera lens, making picture taking easy and ensures you’ll get the right shot every time!

To sum it up, my first impressions of the phone are that it exceeded my expectations in many areas. Although I have not had much time to “get to know” the Palm Pre Plus yet, the little bit that I have used the phone so far tells me that it has much more to offer than my previous smartphone and I’m eager to dive in and take a closer look at the many features the Palm Pre Plus has to offer!

Stay tuned for more on our Palm Pre Plus review!

Disclaimer: Verizon Wireless provided me with the Palm Pre Plus Smartphone and I was given one month of free service to facilitate my review. My thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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