I Saved $45 with Tropicana Juicy Rewards!

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I recently told you about the New Tropicana Juicy Rewards Program, where you can redeem points worth $15 every time you purchase a carton of Tropicana Orange Juice!  You can then redeem those points for just about anything including coupons and savings at online and local retailers!  You can read my first post about how I “Saved the Rainforest” with my purchase of Tropicana O.J. HERE!

Well this time I decided to go all out and redeem 9 points!  What exactly does 9 points buy, you ask?  Are you ready for it?…….30% Off at Coleman.com!  No, I’m not kidding…30% off my ENTIRE PURCHASE of $60 or more!  OK you can stop jumping up and down and sit back in your seat now!  Let me tell you how I did it and just how easy it was…..

1. I saved 3 caps from cartons of Tropicana O.J.
2. I entered the codes at www.tropicana.com (Remember each carton gives you 3 points or $15 in savings)
3. I searched the handy dandy Juicy Rewards system using the handy dandy search tool  that allows you to search by state, zip code or point level.
4. Once I found 30% off at Coleman.com, I clicked the cute little button entitled “GET REWARD” and I was off to shop!

Wow! It was that easy to save 30% off my purchase of $60 or more…

What did I buy?

Well I went in intending to buy one specific item and in true “Deal”ectible Mom fashion, I came out with more than I bargained for!  Its hard to say no when you know 30% will be deducted at checkout!

I purchased 2 Coleman Sling Chairs, as the chairs we currently own are horribly uncomfortable.  In fact I think the purpose of our current “outdoor chairs” is to get you to throw them as far as you can out of sheer frustration!  Of course while I was shopping at Coleman.com I got sucked into a bit of a Cooler transe and was blinded by the large array of plastic boxes that manage to keep my Dr. Pepper chilled, thus making me a happy camper ;)  So I tossed one of those in my cart too and checked out!

Breakdown of my Coleman.com purchase:

1 sling chair – $39.99
1 sling chair – $39.99
1 thermo-electric cooler – $69.99

Total – $149.97
30% off –  -$44.99
Grand Total – 104.98

I did pay a small shipping fee as well..I think it was somewhere around $7 – $9 if I remember correctly.  For a savvy shopper like myself, $45 is BIG, BIG savings and all thanks to the fact that I drink Tropicana Orange Juice!  That is SO totally awesome!

The overall point of this post is that you need to run to the store and grab some Tropicana Orange Juice! Are you on your feet yet?  Enjoy the lovely flavor, soak yourself with some Vitamin C, grab some points and GO SHOPPING!  It’s a win-win situation and if you like to shop like I do then this is like domestic bliss!

Ready to sign up for Tropicana Juicy Rewards? Visit www.tropicana.com and fill out the short form, it takes just a moment!  To get you started in your Juicy Rewards journey, enter code: MOTHE-RHOOD to score 1 FREE point worth $5 in savings!  This one-time use code is valid for new accounts ONLY and must be entered within 6 hours of creating your account.

Follow Tropicana on Facebook and Twitter
Tropicana has a Facebook page dedicated to the Juicy Rewards Program.  Follow Tropicana on Facebook and stay update with the latest news! You can also follow Tropicana on Twitter!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time in writing this post by TheMotherhood.com .  My thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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