Mommy Mission Control with Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus!

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I’ve been using my New Verizon Palm Pre Plus for a few weeks now and I have to say I’ve become very fond of it! I have yet to open up the manual to figure anything out, a big bonus in my book! As a mom, I don’nt have a whole lot of time to sit down and read an entire manual to figure out how to use my phone. I need my phone to power on and work automatically…end of story! Needless to say the fact that the Palm Pre Plus is user friendly gets extra bonus points from me.

Sync online calendars
I’m a mom and I have alot going on, both offline and on. We all have appointments and deadlines and without a calendar, I would lose my mind! A really sweet feature about the Palm Pre Plus is the ability to sync multiple calendars and applications. This means that your Palm Pre will automatically sync to your Google, Outlook, Facebook, etc. accounts without using a USB to plug into your PC! It automatically grabs your information via the web, allowing you to have multiple applications at your fingertips and more importantly on the go! You’ll never again have the need to check your work calendar against your personal calendar, as it’s all in one place.  The best part is…it takes virtually no effort!

I have been a long time Gmail user for multiple reasons, one being the ease of the calendar. I can input my appointments from my home PC and my Palm Pre Plus automatically picks it up and stores it in my phone! I also have all of my contacts at my fingertips! Trust me when I say, that is a priceless feature for me, as I do more than my share of social networking! Not only does the Palm Pre Plus sync my online calendars and give me access to just about anyone I’ve ever emailed, but the application is easy to navigate, using color codes to distinguish between calendars, yet all on the same screen. It also gives you the option to View your calendar from a daily, weekly or monthly view. You can even set reminders and tasks!

Operation from the Phone
The Palm Pre Plus allows me to input calendar information including dates, times, names and even notes right into the Phone using the keypad and touch screen. I cannot tell you much this feature helps me stay on track! There are times where I become lazy about using my calendar, a bad idea for someone as high strung as me, but knowing that I can input information directly to my Palm Pre Plus just gives me more motivation to consistently input my appointments and deadlines even when I’m not on my home PC.  This feature makes it easier for me to have one girl at her dance class on time and the other to music class, all while remaining on schedule and never missing a beat!

There are still a ton of features that I have to explore on the Palm Pre Plus and I’m going to tell you all about it over the next 4 weeks… stay tuned!

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