Multitasking with Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus!

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I’m a multitasker!  I think most women are…no offense men…we just have more control of that side of the brain!  I think if you were to look at my computer screen on any given day, at any given time, you’d be shocked to see about 14 windows open.  What’s the point of having that many windows open?  I’m multitasking!  Jumping from here to there, commenting on blogs, tweeting, writing blog posts, visiting with my Mom Dot peeps and other things that I should or should not be doing!

Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus allows me to take my multitasking over to my phone and is by far one of my favorite features of this phone!  I spend quite a long time on the treadmill everyday and being the multitasker that I am, I don’t want to just walk and listen to music.  I like to surf the web, answer emails, and a bazillion other things while I’m on there.  With the Palm Pre Plus, I can jump from surfing the web, then hop over to my Slacker radio, then over to my email and back again without ever closing any of the windows!  For those of you who do not have this capability on your phone…you are missing out!

An important feature to note on the Palm Pre Plus is the “back gesture” key.  This is an invisible key on the bottom of the phone and with just a simple slide of your finger you can navigate backwards and forward between pages, which really comes in handy for surfing the web.  Think of it as your “back button” key!  You know that nifty little green arrow at the top of your browser!  Well, with the “back gesture” key you can also just “tap” your finger and the page you are currently working on will minimize, allowing you to hop to another screen and continue your multitasking frenzy!  It’s VERY cool!  If you no longer want the screen and you want to get rid of it all together, just tap the “back gesture” button once and grab the minimized screen with your finger and you can literally “throw it away” with just a touch of your finger! 

The Palm Pre Plus also has a “notification panel”, which allows you to see and be aware of all of your incoming calls, texts and emails without having to answer them!  We all know this can come in handy for more than one reason!  Sometimes mom’s just need “Mommy Me Time”, while still staying connected enough to be in the loop, but not bothered for just a little while!  I’m always thrilled If I can just have 10 minutes!  I know your feeling me here moms!

I have much more to come on the Palm Pre Plus review, so stay tuned to find out what else is this amazing little smartphone is capable of!

Disclaimer: Verizon provided with a Palm Pre Plus smartphone for my review and compensated me for one month’s worth of service to facilitate my review.  My thoughts and opinons remain my own!

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