Road Tripping with Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus!

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Bright and early Friday morning…5am to be exact …we are off on a four-day vacation!  It has been awhile since we have been on vacation and we are SO excited to be taking 4 days to hang out as a family and enjoy a change in scenery!

Web Browsing on the go…
Staying connected while on the go is just a must for me.  I’m not the type to completely unplug, although I probably should.  My Palm Pre Plus allows me to stay connected with online friends on Twitter and Facebook and with the fabulous online surfing the phone allows me to do, it’s easy to hop on my blog, make some changes or even add a quick post to let you all know what were doing!  The web browser also allows me to quickly jump online and so some research on the local area and find attractions around the area that we’ll be in.

GPS Navigation
This is one of my favorite tools on the Palm Pre Plus!  With just a touch of my finger, I can find out where I am and more importantly where I’m going!  This particularly comes in handy when your trying to find amusement parks and hotels in foreign areas and we all know that men don’t like to stop and ask for directions!  So why not just help them out a little and show them how fabulous you are and offer up your Palm Pre Plus to get to your next destination!  The Palm Pre Plus even allows you to find the cheapest gas station or closest restaurant!

So yes, my Palm Pre Plus will be road trippin’ with us this weekend!  I have more to tell you about our trip before we leave, so stay tuned for a post about our upcoming vacation!

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