Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus is a Phone Too!

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I’ve been telling you about so many of the features of Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus lately, that I think I forgot to mention that it’s a phone too!  You know that little device where you press the buttons and hope someone talks to you on the other end?  Yea, the Palm Pre Plus has one of those things too!  It seems like our smartphones offer so many features that we forget it offers the most important component of a smartphone…actually making a phone call!

Using the Phone
The Palm Pre Plus offers touch screen dialing on a very large number pad and it’s bright green, so you can’t miss the key your trying to hit.  The sound is crystal clear and although I had a problem with others hearing me on my previous smartphone, that does not seem to be the case with my Palm Pre Plus.  With incoming calls, you can answer your phone with just a touch of your finger or ignore a call with a touch of your finger (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I actually do that)!  And of course, another awesome feature of using the phone is that you can use it in the keyboard-open position or keyboard-closed position. 

There’s quite a few built-in ringers to choose from and you can set them to be very, very loud, so missing a phone call with the Palm Pre Plus is next to impossible.  You can also use MP3’s as your ring tones and of course, Verizon offers thousands of options in the ringer department and all from the convenience of your phone.  If your traveling, the Palm Pre Plus has an “airplane mode” and with just a touch of the screen your ready to jump on the plane and go and your Palm Pre Plus will babysit itself, making sure to update you with any missed calls, texts or emails once airplane mode is turned off.

See?  You can even talk to people on the Palm Pre Plus!

Disclaimer: Verizon Wireless provided me with a Palm Pre Plus Smartphone and one month’s service to facilitate my review.   My thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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