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Are you maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I can tell you that up until about 6 months ago, I was as far from a healthy lifestyle as you can come! I was not incorporating healthy foods into my diet, thus gaining weight in the process. I was certainly not participating in any form of physical activity, nor was I practicing Yoga, meditation or any other methods that you would consider to be part of a “healthy lifestyle”!

Stuck in a rut?
It seems as though we get stuck in ruts and it’s hard to climb out of your comfort zone. I have been thin for the majority of my life, but with my first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds *GASP* and had a very, very hard time getting the weight off. When I finally did, it was round 2 and with Lil’ Pea I became a little smarter and only gained 20 pounds. It seems that I, as well as many others take baby steps along the way and as I become older, I incorporate new ways of living a healthy lifestyle and the most important aspect for me, is to continue to practice those “healthy ways” on a daily basis and literally make it a part of my life! But, sometimes I need a bit of a push along with a large helping of encouragement!  Education is key in living a healthy lifestyle and you must be armed with the right tool box in order to succeed! is seeking to do just that! 

What is incorporates the latest news, research, expert opinions, healthy living blogs, and easy nutritious recipes and videos on a variety of topics including weight loss, exercise and mental well being and healthy eating, just to name a few. Whether your dealing with daily stress, unwanted weight gain, or just want to eat and feel better, offers a safe haven to lead you on your way to beginning or maintaining a healthier lifestyle!

I spend a lot of time on my treadmill, although I have to push myself daily in order to do so!  I’m typically starving when I finish my hour-long workout and although I can tell that my body is telling me to eat, I wasn’t equipped with the right information to really know whether to eat right after a workout or not.  So I hopped over to and low and behold there was an entire article on “Post workout meals”!  What’s more is I found a great article on “Eating out on a diet”, which comes in handy for this not-so-domestic mama!  This site is literally chalked full of amazing articles, videos and everything in between along with some sweet deals like the one below!

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I encourage you all to visit , get your $5 Rebate and take the pledge to live a healthier lifestyle!  

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