There’s No Need for Prescription Eyeglasses to Break the Bank

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Prescription glasses have set folks back hundreds of dollars for a number of years now.   Just a few short years ago I was paying upwards of $300-$400 for each pair of eyeglasses I purchased!  After trying on at least 100 pairs of glasses I would typically decide on the pair that just happened to say Gucci or Prada on the side and retailed for $300. It seems that nearly all of the frames inside the store were sporting a designer name on the side, regardless of which pair I chose.    I would often times say “well, at least it’s not $400″!  That was right up until I reached the register and they let me know that the $300 price tag was for the frames only and that I would now need to purchase lenses!  For those of you who would rather spend your hard earned cash on a visit to Disneyland or 17 packs of gum, here’s a few tips to help you reach your goal of cinnamon flavored chewing bliss:

Online Spectacles
As everything has turned towards the likes of these little screened wonders that we all now have in our homes, so too has purchasing prescription glasses. There’s a number of online sites that now sell these wonder spectacles for prices starting as low as just $19 and even if you have to pay shipping, your still going to have enough left in your wallet to purchase a Jamba Juice  (or 17 packs of gum) at the end of the day!  A simple search of  “prescription eyeglasses”  on google will render pages full of results that will have your pocketbook leaping for joy!  In order to purchase prescription glasses online, you’ll need to have know your prescription and in most cases your prescription must be up to date. Keep this in mind before setting out on your money saving venture.

Private Members Only Shopping Sites
Many of you know my obsession with private, members-only shopping sites and this is one reason in particular that I frequent these sites so often.  If it’s name brand frames your after, you can purchase the likes of Gucci, Prada, and others at a fraction of the cost.  Once their delivered, simply take them to your local glasses retailer or your doctor’s office and have prescription lenses added to your totally awesome designer frames.  What could have been a $400 venture, has now become a $150 venture because you played it smart!

Coupons Baby
If your not quite certain that purchasing prescription eyeglasses online is for you, you can still score a decently sweet deal in-store if you play your cards right.   Large chain stores typically push sales such as B1G1 Free or even a large percentage off such as a 30 or 40% discount on a combination frame and lens purchase one to two times per year.  For those who have eye care coverage, these coupons can be combined with your private health insurance uk   discount for some sweet savings.  It’s also helpful to ask if they have a “discount” or “non-designer” section so that you can stay in your realm of a comfortable price point.

In the end it’s all about ensuring you can see your toddler when their dumping the spice drawer or painting the couch with mustard, without breaking the bank.  A little online research and coupon clipping can offer big savings and ensure that the next time you visit Costco, you’ll be able to pick up those 17 packs of chewing gum!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for time in writing this post.  What? Mama’s gotta pay for hosting!

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  • Reply lindsey April 28, 2010 at 12:16 am

    Thought I’d share a great site. I have ordered my prescription eyeglasses from here. They are great quality with a large selection and you cannot bet the price. Ranging from $8 to I believe $39. Shipping just $4.95.

  • Reply Glasses Guru May 25, 2010 at 4:10 am

    I personally love my glasses from GlassesUSA. They are top quality glasses!

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