It’s No Bunk – Deluxe Discount!

FacebookTwitterPinterestAmazon Wish ListShare is offering some pretty ginormous discounts right now on all of its products, including some super cute toddler bunk beds. Like this model, admittedly one of their higher end jobs, which has been marked down by more than $500.00.

Now, before we go any further, we do want to say something. While we’re talking about toddler bunk beds, parents should be extremely careful about placing very small children in bunks. The general rule of thumb is that children under six should never sleep on a top bunk because of the danger of falling or getting trapped between the bed and the wall.

Of course, guardrails are a precaution you should have for anyone using a bunk bed. And bunk beds with guardrails or structures to prevent falling might possibly make it acceptable for kindergarten age and above children (5 or older) who are reasonably agile to take the higher bunk. In any case, exercising caution is never a bad thing.

Many types of bunk beds do speak to the child inside all of us. This model below is actually inspired by Spongebob Squarepants. While it’s clearly not in the category of toddler bunk beds, it’s got a very stylish appeal that speaks to people who are much, much older than the core audience for the Nickelodeon show. It’s also available for a significant discount of a few hundred clams.

That isn’t even all there is for young Spongebob fans, as this loft bed is perfect for the young ones who are not afraid of a bit of fun childhood kitsch. Also, the stairs may make it safer for early elementary school age kiddos to make use of.

Bunks are a great way to maximize the use of space in your house, and it’s great to see sites like offering good deals on them.
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