How to Save Money at the Movie Theater!

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When a new movie hits the theatre that is kid-friendly, we are the first ones standing in line to see its debut. There’s plenty of movies for adults to see on a daily basis, however kid-friendly movies are few and far between, so we make the time to head to new movies and willfully sign up to pay the very high cost of admission.

On average, it costs our family of four over $50 to visit the theatre and that can be costly, even if the kid-friendly movies are few and far between! I can only imagine that many of you can relate, especially those of you who have larger families.

So, how can you still take your family to the movies without spending your monthly activity budget on one little movie? Here’s a few ideas on how you can save money on family movie outings, and keep a little of that hard earned cash in your pocket!

- Purchase your tickets online. Many online websites offer a way for consumers to check cinema times and purchase tickets online. Often times, you can search the Internet for coupon codes that could give you a percentage off, or even B1G1 tickets are certain times.

- “Like” your local movie theater on Facebook. By liking movie theaters on Facebook, you can not only keep up on the latest news, but you’ll even gain access to money saving printable coupons that can save you $$$. In the past, we have seen Zap packs (including popcorn, a snack, and a drink) for just $2 and even FREE popcorn!

- Join your local movie theaters rewards program. Just about every movie theatre offers a rewards program that will allow you to earn free or cheap concession stand items with every visit. Many theaters also offer special discount days, such as “Popcorn Tuesday”, or “Hot Dog Monday”, offering big discounts on these items.

- Visit your local theatre online. By visiting your local movie theaters website, you can find out about special “family days” that typically offer big discounts on ticket prices, and if you plan on bringing grandma and grandpa along, there’s typically “senior days”. In the summer months, many movie theaters offer special “summer days”, that offer kid-friendly movies at a very discounted rate.

- Consider visiting a discount theatre. Discount theaters will typically offer tickets for anywhere from $1-$3, however they offer movies that came out in regular theaters about a month earlier. If you don’t mind waiting to see movies, this can really save your family money on your admission prices.

Did I miss anything? Do you have tricks for saving money at the movie theater?

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  • Reply ste March 18, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I often save a few bucks by going to a matinee.

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