The Amazing Mat is Truly Amazing + Deal for DM Readers!

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You’ve probably seen the infomercial for The Amazing Mat, and I bet you wondered if it really worked.  The black light display showing all of the yucky germs that we carry with us on the bottom of our feet certainly had me intrigued!  Well, we had a chance to try it out and I’m going to tell you exactly what we think about this amazing product after using it for the past month.

What is the Amazing Mat?
The Amazing Mat is a multi-layered doormat made of thin, clear, eco-friendly sheets. It uses the same anti-bacterial adhesive as NASA to catch the dirt from your shoes and trap it on the mat – removing any germs, bacteria, mold, pollen, fungus from your shoes before they can be tracked into your home.

Don’t worry when the top sheet gets dirty, simply Peel, Throw Away, and Get On with Your Day! Used sheets can then be recycled with your other plastics. Cut your cleaning time in half and ensure a more sanitary environment for you and your family! Watch an informational video here.

Our Experience

As new pet owners, we have often wondered how to keep our house clean with two medium-sized dogs that go back and forth between the backyard and the couch. They roll around in the grass and then track everything in on the bottom of their feet – and yup, you guessed it, it gets all over the floor. I have just accepted the fact that I vacuum 1-2 times daily and that’s just a way of life when you have pets.

I’m sure you can imagine our excitement when we were given the opportunity to try out The Amazing Mat and the moment it arrived we immediately placed it in front of the doggy door.

After a few days of use, I was truly amazed at the amount of “guck” that it took off of the dogs feet as they flew in the door (see pics below). The Amazing Mat caught not only dirt and grime, but many pieces of grass that they were tracking in from the backyard. Once the Amazing Mat is covered with “guck” it loses it’s stickiness and this is when we would peel the adhesive layer off, displaying a brand new adhesive layer, which the dogs filled once again rather quickly!


The Amazing Mat came with a total of 30 adhesive sheets, however we were thrilled to find that one sheet bought us about two days! It basically acts much like a rug or a runner that you would put in front of a door, however due to its sticky nature, it captures much more than a typical mat would.

We love The Amazing Mat and we think you will too!

Buy It!
The Amazing Mat is available in 6 different designs and is priced at just $39.95, however right now you can get The Amazing Mat for just $29.95 +  DM readers can use coupon code: SHIPNOW to score Free Shipping!  Grab yours now at

Thank You to The Amazing Mat for providing a mat for our review.  My thoughts and opinions continue to remain my own.

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  • Reply Henrietta March 7, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I’ve never heard of this. It actually sounds pretty neat! I know my dog is always tracking in mud and outside debris, I’ll have to check this out!

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