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Dance Moms is back! Set your calendars for Tues, June 5th at 9/8c as Lifetime’s best reality show is returning for Season 3.



It seems to have been rather quiet this past few months without Abby Lee Dance Company. We left them last season with the girls auditioning for Joffrey Ballet Summer Program and Abby running from a competition in tears screaming “I need a break – a break from these moms, away from these kids, away from the yelling.”

I confess my interest. I have been a Dance Mom for the past 9 years. My 14 year old daughter is a ballerina who I proudly say has attended some of the finest ballet programs in the country. We dabbled in the competition world for 3 years and so know something of the ‘reality’ of this world. And it isn’t like this. But then the real, unedited world wouldn’t be that entertaining, would it?

The last show from Series 2 was one of my favorites.The hilarious scene shopping for leotards in New York City in preparation for the Joffrey Ballet audition. They needed leotards as they hadn’t exactly needed them before (as they don’t have ballet class much). “As high cut as possible” one of the moms said (how old are these girls)? The scary scene shopping for pointe shoes (are they serious)? I thought for a moment they were going to get rhinestones and feathers!

Then the Joffery audition itself. Acrobatics and the death drop in a ballet audition? Shouting in the lobby from the studio owners? It just isn’t done in the ballet world. But it was highly entertaining television.

So what does Season 3 have planned for us? Will Maddie still be at the top of the pyramid? What will Cathy at Candy Apples do next? Will we see a softer side to Abby Lee? Just how many times will the moms scream at each other during class? Just how dramatic can it all get?

Is the show a realistic portrayal of the competition dance world? Thankfully not the one we have been involved with. We have never encountered an Abby Lee or a Cathy from Candy Apples, but we have certainly met some characters and had some drama! I am sure all dance moms can find a situation or a person they can relate to their experience. But if reality was really like this we would have run a mile long ago. This is Extreme Dance Mom!

We don’t really want reality from our reality shows do we? Entertainment is what it is all about and Dance Moms certainly gives that.

Dance Moms return on Tuesday June 5th at 9/8c on Lifetime. For more information go to Dance Moms on Lifetime

This post is sponsored by Lifetime. My opinions remain, very much, my own!

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