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In our increasingly busy lives we are all looking for ways to reduce the amount of time spent on chores that we really don’t enjoy. For many Moms one of those chores is the weekly shopping trip for the household (grocery, laundry, pantry). Remember a time when going to the store was actually something that you didn’t mind doing? Those happy hours spent browsing? Now as a Mom, I find shopping, particularly for groceries, is number one on my list of things I want to avoid! Going to a store with young children is just not easy. is an online shopping service which was designed with busy moms in mind. Shopping online is nothing new of course. Many of us do it every day. But offers something just a little bit different.

At, you can browse a “virtual aisle” filled with groceries, fresh produce, meats, baby and nursery products that you can shop online. They carry a wide range of brands and products that you can find in any grocery or super store. Now, you may be uncomfortable about ordering certain food products online, without knowing where it’s coming from. sources their products through partnerships with Kmart, as well as local stores. Your orders are not processed at some big warehouse, but handpicked right from the aisles of your local stores. If you are still uneasy, they give you a wide range of options to provide special instructions on your online order during checkout, as well as the ability to call and talk to a live person.

So far it sounds like a pretty basic website right? And it is. They are not trying to re-invent the wheel. Where mygofer becomes different and really provides value to busy moms is that after you’ve ordered what you need online, they provide you two very convenient ways to get your order to you within a matter of hours.

If you need it absolutely now, they’ve partnered with Kmart to provide order pick up locations at Kmart stores across the country. When you opt to go this route, the pickup service is absolutely free. When you arrive at the store, just drive to the designated pick up location or give them a ring and they’ll bring your order out and put it in your car for you. You don’t need to get out of the car, wake up your child who just fell asleep and fiddle with the car seat. Be sure to check on their website however, which Kmart store near you has the mygofer service, because it’s not available everywhere.

Alternatively, if you’re not in a crunch to get things now, mygofer also offers same day home delivery right to your doorstep. Understanding that busy moms also work and have a schedule to keep, they provide you with a wide range of delivery window options to select from and will deliver as late as 9pm and on the weekends too. There is a delivery charge and in some locations, a minimum order requirement, so be sure that if you opt for the home delivery option, to order a lot to make it worthwhile (or order with your friends who live nearby and split the delivery cost).

The website is nicely designed and easy to use. Simply choose the items that you want and then you can quickly and easily find the store which you want to go to for pick up. If you are like me and tend to run your life from your phone these days then you will love the mygofer iPhone or Android mobile app. Very convenient when you realize you need something and don’t have access to your computer.

Home delivery of groceries in particular is a huge benefit. I first used a home delivery service for my grocery shopping over 10 years ago when I lived in England. I missed it when I moved to the U.S. as it was so convenient, particularly after my daughter was born. Home grocery delivery seems to be a much bigger thing in the UK. I visited there recently and was surprised to see the large number of grocery shopping trucks out delivering direct to homes. So I was very pleased to discover

Right now, mygofer has some great Memorial Day deals. They are offering Free Shipping on Orders of $39 or more through May 28th. Also you can get an Extra 10% off Regular and Sale priced items from May 25th through May 28th by using coupon code GOFERSALUTES.

This is a Sponsored Post but as always my opinions remain my own.

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