Britax G3 Car Seats – The New Generation

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Britax has long been a trusted name in car seat safety and practicality. Now with the introduction of the new Britax G3 car seats parents have an even better choice when looking for a safe, comfortable and convenient solution for their baby or child. We have always chosen Britax car seats and have always been very happy that we did.

There are a number of different new generation Britax G3 car seat models to choose from including the Advocate, the Pavilion, the Boulevard and the Britax Marathon 70 G3 Car Seat

What parents want to know first when choosing a car seat is about the safety features they offer – and they can be assured that a Britax G3 seat has all the latest safety technology incorporated into the design.

Britax G3 crash safety features include:

SafeCell Technology in the base of the car seat which is designed to compress in a crash. This significantly lowers the center of gravity and counteracts the forward rotation of the seat which normally propels the child toward the vehicle seat in front of the child restraint. What this means is that a child is less likely to be injured by being propelled forward on impact.

HUGS (Harness Ultra-Guard System) Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology ensure proper positioning of the harness. The chest pads contain SafeCells, which are designed to compress in a crash and manage energy to reduce the amount of impact forces experienced by your child.

Side Impact Protection is standard on all Britax car seats.

Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash.

Anti slip base with LATCH connectors and built in lap and shoulder seat belt lock offs. The LATCH system makes fitting a car seat so much easier. We remember the days before LATCH was widely available and it was so great when we bought our first Britax with LATCH as standard.

Another great feature of the new G3 Britax car seats is an ingenious new EZ Belt Buckle to keep it always forward facing, and prevents your child from sitting on it when you are buckling them into the seat. This will make it even easier to quickly buckle your child safely into the seat. It was the one area where we could see that a practical improvement could be made as half the time our son gets in the seat he does sit on the buckle. This will no longer be an issue with the G3 Britax seats.

We own the Britax Marathon. The reason why we chose and trusted the Britax Marathon Seat was that on reading all the reviews it had a huge list of safety features and was always very highly rated by parents. We are extremely happy that we made the choice as the 2 identical car seats we bought have definitely stood the test of time. We still have one in each of our cars and there are certainly no complaints from our son about comfort.

Now with the new Britax G3 car seats parents have even more choice of safe, versatile solutions for their child. The Britax Marathon G3 can be used backward facing from birth (from 5 lbs) to 40lbs. When your child reaches 40lbs then the Marathon should be used forward facing. It will last well into childhood with a maximum weight of 70lbs (and 49″ high). This makes it a very economical choice, as well as a very safe one.


  1. Please remember that classic Britax seats expire 6 years from manufacture date! The next generation seats are 7 years. The Britax Frontiers are 9. No matter how safe a seat is, using an expired one is dangerous. The materials break down and do not respond the same in an accident.

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