Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

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The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll standard size doll is one of the hottest fashion dolls to come onto the toy market for a long time. Released in August 2012 this Barbie Photo Fashion doll is a big hit!

This wonderful toy combines the fabulous technology of a digital camera with the beloved Barbie fashion doll, this Photo Fashion Doll has girls and collectors lining up to order one for this Christmas.

It is available right now on Amazon for just $39.97 Shipped with Amazon Prime.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

This new Barbie doll makes a perfect gift for any occasion for girls aged 6 and older. The Barbie Fashion Photo Doll arrives fashionably dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, cute pink heels and a cool belt which cleverly houses the buttons to operate the camera.

What makes the doll such a hot, trendy toy for the year is that the dollís t-shirt, which is a small LCD screen, can immediately display an image of whatever picture your child snaps. How cool is that? So your child takes a photo and can then display it on Barbie’s shirt!

This is a great toy if your child is into photography or loves to design or play dress-up, she can have a lot of fun with this Barbie. Whatever photo she takes can become a t-shirt design – whether she takes a photo of people, places or a favorite pet. Technology certainly meets Barbie with this doll!

The Barbie Fashion Photo doll has graphics that come built in. This means that your child can design a t-shirt around a graphic if she wants. The Barbie Photo Doll can hold over 100 pictures. Along with the Barbie is a USB cable so that your child can use that to synch Barbie up to the laptop or desktop computer to get the pictures onto the computer. Once the photos are downloaded onto the computer of course the memory is now freed up on the doll so she can take more pictures!

The USB cable is what used to recharge the batteries so that Barbie can keep on taking photos whenever your child wants to. Great idea so that you don’t have to keep buying new batteries for the doll. A stand is also included to hold Barbie steady while the photos are being downloaded.

When your child has uploaded pictures she has taken onto the computer, she wíll be able to make more designs with the photos. She can frame the pictures, add a different color and much more by using the web photo editing software. It is so much fun!

Once your child is finished adding more designs, she can transfer the photos to the Barbie doll again and using one feature, she can turn those photos into a moving show of her photographic artwork.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

She can also choose from her stored photos to display a favorite picture. The resolution of the camera is as clear and as sharp as the resolution that you would find in a top of the line cell phone.

While it ís easy to aim the Barbie photo doll and take a photo, there ís a viewfinder on the back of the doll located just below the neck. This doll is perfect for letting kids be creative with photos as well as clothing design.

The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll will make an ideal Christmas gift!

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