Top 10 Things To Buy To Have A More Comfortable, Enjoyable Pregnancy

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We wanted to compile a Top 10 Things To Buy To Have A More Comfortable, Enjoyable Pregnancy. We have a close friend who is expecting her first baby and wanted to write this for her – and of course share it with all of our readers.

So what would we recommend to a friend to buy as things that really do make a difference to your comfort level during pregnancy? Here is our Top 10 list of things we think make a big difference!@

1. The Boppy Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow

The Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow is just luxury! It can be difficult, particularly during the later stages of pregnancy, to get comfortable enough to sleep. The unique design of the Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow follows the body line to offer support and realignment for neck, belly, back and hips.

What is so great about the Boppy Pillow is that you will also use it after the baby is born. It is great for sleep even after pregnancy, but we also used it a lot as a breast feeding support cushion. It is just the right size and shape to position the baby for feeding. A great value for money at $49.99 Shipped – you will get so much use out of it – and a better night’s sleep!

Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow

2. Prenatal Yoga DVD

Pregnancy is a time of great chance for you and one way to help you to feel at your very best is to try some yoga. It really does make a difference!

We used this Prenatal Yoga DVD and at just $9.99 it is a great price to see if yoga is something that you want to try.

3. Sea Sickness Relief Bands

It seems strange that these work but they really do. Sea-Band Adult Wristband provide immediate relief for many pregnant women. Certainly worth a try at just $6.69 each.

4. Earth Mama Angel Baby A Little Something For Mama-To-Be

Pregnancy really is the time to treat yourself. We really like all the Earth Mama Baby products – they have organic and natural ingredients. This gift pack includes happy mama hand to toe wash, happy mama spray, organic morning wellness tea, earth mama body butter, and natural stretch oil so it is a good introduction to their products to see what you like. And at only $13.25 it is an affordable treat.

Earth Mama Angel Baby a Little Something for Mama-to-Be

5. Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be

Let’s admit it. For some of us giving up cocktails can be a challenge! This great book helps with 75 original Preggatini recipes highlighting fresh juices, herbs, and garnishes as well as ideas for Preggatini Parties! A fun idea for $11.53.

Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be

6. 40 Weeks +: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer

This is a very stylish pregnancy journal and planner. Unlike many designs with fluffy bunnies and cute graphics, this is stylish and grown up! It has lots of great information and is incredibly useful as a place to record things about you and your pregnancy. Great for remembering things to ask and do right now (particularly when your pregnancy brain seems to have turned to mush)! Also great for looking back on in the future to remember your pregnancy.

This is a great planner so that you can have all the details of everything all in one place. At $19.95 we think it is a great buy.

40 Weeks +: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer (The Essential Organizers)

7. The Miracle Ball Method Pregnancy

This one makes such a difference! Elaine Petrone is a former dancer who created the original Miracle Ball Method to heal herself after suffering a career-ending injury. She developed The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy after her own high-risk pregnancy with twins.

The Miracle Ball is very easy to use. This is complete kit with two squishy miracle balls and a fully illustrated instruction book. This method is very easy to use – muscles relax and become supple enough to allow the body to realign and reshape.

This is just $13.57 and can make such a big difference to your comfort levels and feeling of well being during and after pregnancy.

The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy: Relieve Back Pain, Ease Labor, Reduce Stress, Regain a Flat Belly

8. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

This is the pregnancy book which I wish I had discovered during my first pregnancy – but I didn’t until my third! Drawing upon her thirty-plus years of experience, the midwife Ina May Gaskin shares the benefits and joys of natural childbirth by showing women how to trust in the ancient wisdom of their bodies for a healthy and fulfilling birthing experience.

This book is not for everyone as it presents a very different view of childbirth than the high tech intervention filled one we have become used to over recent times. But if you are looking for something that presents a more natural view then this is a great book. At just $12.24 we think it is a great deal.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

9. Prenatal Princess – Knocked Up Nails – Maternity Pregnancy Safe Nail Polish

Pregnancy should be a time when you feel beautiful. But let’s face it sometimes that can be really difficult! Pregnancy is often a time when you realize just how many toxins are in products that you use every day. But you are safe with this pregnancy-safe nail formula which does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. So treat yourself for $9.99….

Prenatal Princess – Knocked Up Nails – Maternity Pregnancy Safe Nail Polish – Vegan & Gluten-Free

10. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil

We love Earth Mama Angel which is why we couldn’t resist including another one of their great products in our list. Natural Stretch Oil combines plant-based oils infused with the healing herbal goodness of organic calendula and calming organic chamomile. Does it help prevent stretch marks? Many people think it works. Even if it doesn’t it most certainly makes your skin feel fabulous! At $11.78 it is an affordable indulgence.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil, 4-Ounce Bottle

So there you are. A Top 10 List of Things To Help You Have a More Comfortable Enjoyable Pregnancy. If you only pick one thing from this list then we would suggest the Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow. It can make a huge difference to your sleep quality – and it lasts for years!

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