BBQ Blitz – A Fun Game For All The Family For Less than $20

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Why is BBQ Blitz such a popular game? One big reason is that this game is versatile enough to Some games come along and are an instant success because they allow kids of all ages to play and enjoy it. And B-B-Q Blitz! is one of those games! Though recommended for children aged 4 and up you may find that your younger child wants and is able to play along too.

B-B-Q Blitz!

What is BBQ Blitz?

The design of the game board is really clever. The BBQ Blitz box is really the game board and is well designed so that it looks like a grill. Children can see the individual pieces of charcoal below the grill what they will really like is that they can see the flames too.

The burgers and buns are the game pieces that go on top of the grill. These pieces are placed down so that the printed side of them cannot be seen.

All great games for younger kids are designed to take into account that no game will hold a young child’s attention for very long. This is one of the B-B-Q Blitz! Games great selling points. There is no down time waiting for the other kids to take their turn. Every player gets to take their turn at the same time as the kids scramble to turn over the burgers and buns to see which of the printed sides of the burgers they need to get.

The object of the game is simple to understand even for young children. Players match the burgers and then the buns to whichever printed plate the child has.

Really BBQ Blitz! is a fun and clever matching game. Easy to learn but it does takes some skill. The game tests a child’s memory and also co ordination as it is not as easy as it looks to load the slippery burgers onto the spatula and get it onto the matching plate. So it is good for developing lots of skills including hand eye co ordination and memory function. Good for us all!

There are a total of 4 different kinds of pictures on the burgers. Twelve buns come with the game as well as a spatula for each of the four players.

B-B-Q Blitz! is a great game for pre schoolers who can play easily without an adult having to help them. But the adults may like to join in too as it is so much fun! It is one of those rare games which all the family can play and have fun with – and everyone has an equal chance to win!

The price to buy BBQ Blitz is also very reasonable at less than $20 right now – it makes the perfect gift for Christmas!

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