Furby – A Great New Interactive Toy Which Learns From Your Child

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Furby is back! You might remember the ‘old’ Furby doll from some years back. They were incredibly popular but then disappeared from the shelves. Now the new and very much improved Furby is back and ready to delight a new generation of children with his interactive features!

Furby Toys

What is so great about Furby is that it develops a personality over time – according to how well you look after him! Technology has come a long way since the original Furby and now it is much more interactive with much smarter features.

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When Furby arrives he doesn’t have much of a personality – but that soon changes if you interact with it and look after it. Furby’s have their own language of Furbish, but the more you communicate with them the more English they learn.

As they say there is an app for everything, and Furby is no exception. You can even add an App which helps you translate what Furby is saying to you (this is optional).

Furby comes in a lots of different colors so that your child can choose the one that they like the most. Or even collect more than one Furby. These toys can communicate with each other so it can be fun for them to interact together if you have more than one.

The new Furby looks a lot like the old Furby. But what is inside is a lot more sophisticated that the old models which were now made over a decade ago. Think how much technology has moved on in that time (apps weren’t even thought of back then)!

Strange though this may sound, a Furby actually gets more intelligent the more you interact with it. The longer you play and interact with Furby the more it will learn and change to become even more sophisticated. The Furby has it’s own personality which you have to discover. It has likes and dislikes and will develop a personality based on how it is treated. Amazing that technology has come so far!

Even though this Furby looks like the one that was manufactured over a decade ago, it is so much more sophisticated. Although they still have the same cute, appealing appearance this really is nothing like the old Furby. It is so much more advanced.

Furby Toys

Your Furby will responds to how it is treated. The way you hold it, talk to it, play music to it, and play with it, all has an effect on shaping the personality of the Furby. If it turns out with a personality that you do not like very much then you can change the way you create it, to change the way it behaves. If you don’t take care of your Furby then it will likely show you that it is upset!

Like most toys these days it does need batteries. Fortunately when the batteries run out he will keep it’s personality stored in it’s memory! If Furby is left alone for a minute or more he will go to sleep. At first he will snore to let you know that he is off to sleep – but then he will go into silent sleep mode. To wake Furby you have to touch it.

New Furby is a fascinating toy and you really can see why it is so popular again!

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