Sponsored Post – Get Healthy With Weight Watchers in 2013

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Every year many of us make resolutions that this is the time we will lose weight and get healthy. Often those resolutions are broken – but we should resolve to make it actually happen this year! Many find that the Weight Watchers program helps them reach their goals. Here is a new video which features Patsy Kensit for Weight Watchers.

We particularly liked this video because Patsy Kensit talks about looking forward and not backwards. It is easy to look back at our thinner younger selves and feel regret for an era that seems to have passed. We tend to think that actresses and those in the media have everything easier than we do – and often when it comes to weight issues we think that they have some kind of magic touch that we can’t attain. Yes they have access to more resources than we do, but are we really just making excuses for our own inactivity? The reality is that they have the same issues and you won’t be a healthy weight and have a good level of fitness unless you put some work in! You may not be able to have a personal trainer and a nutritionist but we can all step up our level activity and learn more about healthy food choices.

Weight Watchers makes that easier with a plan for a healthier way to live. You can choose from the meetings or even the online system, making is easier for you to fit the program into your lifestyle. The Weight Watchers points system lets you eat the things you love so that you won’t feel as though you are giving anything up. The Weight Watchers 360 System acknowledges that our brains are hard wired to give into temptation – we all know that unhealthy options are right in front of us most of the time. The way to lose weight for life is to retrain your brain to make the smart choices.

Who has tried the Weight Watchers System. Did it work for you? Or have you just signed up in 2013?

This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers.

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