A Monster in Paris – A Review

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A Monster in Paris has taken some time to reach the US. Un Monstre à Paris is a French movie now dubbed into English which was originally released in 2011 in Europe. Vanessa Paradis plays the lead in both the French and English versions of this delightful animated movie set in Paris during the great flood of 1910.

Watch the trailer to get a taste of A Monster in Paris

As regular readers know we are huge fans of animated movies in this household so were very excited to sit down and watch A Monster In Paris. The first thing to say is that the animation is just breathtaking. Not quite Pixar but nothing is. It captures the sights and feeling of Paris beautifully.

The story is set in Paris in 1910 during the great flood. Panic is setting in as the waters rise and to make matters worse a monster is on the loose. The monster, Franc, has been accidentally created by a wacky inventor, his camera crazy best friend and a madcap monkey!

Of course the monster is not what he seems. Franc is a kind gentle soul with an amazing musical talent.

With the help of an enchanting nightclub singer Lucille (Vanessa Paradis) Franc becomes the talk of Paris. However talk of the Paris monster has also reached the ambitious obnoxious police commissioner. He decides to capture the monster to further his own ambition to become Major. Franc’s creators and Lucille team up to protect Franc from the ruthless police commissioner.

When I asked my 7 year old son what he thought of the movie he told me to be sure that I mentioned that the music was beautiful. Everyone in the family agreed that he was right – the music is captivating. The story is suitable for all ages and will entertain both children and grown ups. Good to enjoy a very entertaining family movie.

As we are all learning French it would have been wonderful to have had included in the DVD set the original French version with English subtitles but unfortunately this is not included. There is nothing like immersion in a language to help with learning and this combined with a movie the kids really enjoyed, would have made it educational as well as enjoyable. A small point but it would have been nice.

A Monster in Paris

is now available on DVD.

We were provided with a copy of the movie to facilitate our review. Our opinions are very much our own.

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