Want To Help Stop Puppy Mills?

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Most of us have heard about the cruel reality of puppy mills and felt powerless do anything about them. Now is our chance.

Watch the video to see what you can do to help and find out how less than one minute of your time can make a difference.

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Never buy a puppy from a pet store. Most of the puppies sold in stores will have come from puppy mills. These are cruel dog-making factories with the mother dogs spending their entire lives in cramped cages or kennels. These dogs have a horrific painful existence with owners breeding and keeping them purely for personal gain.

Always consider adoption from a shelter first. If you want to buy from the dog breeder always make sure that you meet the owner, see where the dogs are raised and check references. There are honest caring dog breeders out there but you need to do your research very very carefully.

If you ever see a pet store or website selling puppies then make your feelings known by not purchasing any pet supplies from that store. Hurt them where it will make a difference – with their finances.

Find Out More About How One Minute Of Your Time Can Make a Difference

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