7 Wonders Board Game Review – Is It Worth Buying

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7 Wonders Board Game Review – is it really worth buying? We are always looking for new ideas for board games and the 7 Wonders game caught our eye recently. We have different ages in our family (7, 11 and 15) so we are always looking out for a board game for the whole family.

The 7 Wonders
is a board game requires planning and strategy. What is really nice about 7 Wonders is that each round of play lasts no longer than 30 minutes. This is an ideal length of time to keep everyone interested and each game brings different goals and outcomes.

What does the 7 Wonders Board Game have to offer.

Key Features of the 7 Wonders

• 3-7 players
• 30 minutes of total play
• Family game
• A rulebook
• 1 score pad
• 20 gold coins
• 40 silver coins
• 7 wonder boards and cards
• 49 “Foundation” cards
• 49 “Growth” cards
• 49 “Apogee” cards
• 42 flag tokens
• Ages 10-14

We found that our 7 year old did keep up – but he is an avid player of board games and was helped a bit by all of us at first. He soon worked it out though and now he says it is a favorite of his.

Is the 7 Wonders Board Game Worth Buying?

The object of the 7 Wonders game is raising a complete civilization in one of the greatest wonders of the world. Amazing what you can do in the comfort of your own home these days!

Each player has a chance to be a leader of one of the seven ancient world cities. Each player is given the same task to gather various resources and create routes for commercial access to define him or herself as a military leader.

To create each ancient world, every player has a chance to pick one card that matches his or her goals. Once the player has chosen something, the pack of cards is passed to the next player. The speed of the game is what keeps everyone engaged for a short period of time. Not everyone has the patience for Monopoly – including me!

Depending upon your skill level you can find that the game lasts more like up to 2 hours but that is for the advanced strategists amongst you! On average we found that it is probably closer to an hour of playing time than the 30 minutes advertised.

One problem we did find it that the cards are not as thick as they could be which means they can easily be damaged. If you have a laminator you could of course use this but it is a minor aggravation that most people will not be too put off by.

Also when you buy a game you want the rule book to be easy to understand. I have to admit that even I struggled with this a bit at first. My boys played it first and then showed me how to play – and I realized that they had misunderstood some of the rules so it may be worth going through with your kids and playing at least the first game of 7 Wonders with them – you will probably find yourself hooked by this point anyway!

We liked the variety of strategies and possibilities for game play of 7 Wonders – it kept all members of the family interested and it is now a firm favorite of all the board games that we have. We think that the7 Wonders Board Game
is certainly worth buying.

We are now tempted to add to the set with 7 Wonders: Leaders and 7 Wonders Cities. This expandability for the 7 Wonders game also makes it a winner.

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