Character Dog Costumes For Halloween

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Are you looking for a great character dog costume for Halloween? Many pet owners love to buy dog costumes for Halloween! When they are dressed in fabulous little outfits resembling our favorite television or movie characters, dogs look so cute!

There is a character dog costume to suit every taste and style. From cuddly and cute to superheroes, with these costumes, your pet will be the best-dressed dog in town!

Superman Dog Costume

In his Superman cape and bodysuit with the big S emblazoned on the front, your dog will be red and blue hero of the night.

Superhero Costume Superman

Spiderman Dog Costume

If you want a superhero character dog costume then of course one of the most popular ones is the Spiderman costume.

The spiderman dog costume is a bodysuit with easy on off fasteners. It has a great glow in the darken feature which gives it a ‘spooky’ effect perfect for Halloween. The Spiderman theme is perfect with the signature black spider on the back of this dog costume.

Spider-Man Comic Dog Costume Size Medium

Batman Dog Costume

When you think of a superhero another classic choice is of course Batman. The Batman dog costumes can come with or without the front leg covers that look like shoes. These costumes have a separate headpiece with the little bat ears. Of course, every hero has his enemy and there are also Joker character costumes available. Perfect if you have two dogs or a canine friend to share Halloween with!

The Batman dog costumes are created so that the front of the costume looks like a miniature suit. When your dog has his legs in the front arm pieces, it looks like he ís walking upright. Very cute! This costume style also comes with a wig piece to complete the look.

Batman Dog Costume Size Small

Robin Hood Dog Costume

Want a more classic character Halloween costume for your dog? Then the Robin Hood costumes are worth a look. You may not live near Sherwood Forest but your dog can still look great in one of these Robin Hood costumes.
These dog outfits include dark colored capes. To finish off the look there is the classic cap and jaunty feather.

Rubies Costume Halloween Classics Collection Pet Costume, Robin Hood

Not inspired by the super heroes? Why not think about a cartoon character Halloween dog costume.

Shrek Dog Costume

For a more updated look why not think about the Shrek costume for your favorite pooch? This one just seems to work really well and is very popular!

The jumpsuit looks just like your favorite lovable Shrek character! The dog paws fit into the foot pieces of the costume and look like boots. The hat is made like the top of Shrek’s head.

Rubies Costume DreamWorks Shrek Pet Costume

Yoda Dog Costume

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume

Star Wars themes are popular for Halloween costumes and you can get some great ones for your dog. Our favorite is the Yoda dog costume. There is just something about Yoda which makes him so lovable! For the Yoda dog Halloween costume there is a jumpsuit and overcoat Of course to finish off the look it has the characteristic
Yoda ears.

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume, Medium

Princess Leia Dog Costume

If you have a girl dog then you may love the Princess Leia Halloween costume. This is the classic white dress. Of course the Princess Leia Halloween dog costume has the classic rounded hairpieces. This is really an adorable pet costume.

Star Wars Princess Leia Pet Costume, Medium

Darth Vader Dog Costume

If you are looking for something more on the dark side then why not think about buying a Darth Vader dog costume for Halloween. This costume has a detailed Darth Vader helmet and his costume with the robotic looking front piece. It also has the black cape.

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