What I Like About Shopping at Albertsons

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Great prices are the number one reason I shop at Albertsons but there are many other things that I love about my local store:

Selection Of Gluten Free and Vegan Items

One of the big priorities for shopping in any store for me is the availability of Gluten Free and Vegan food. Albertsons has a huge selection of items and the range always seems to be expanding. I like the fact that in my local store the gluten free section is very clearly labeled and is a section on it’s own. This means I don’t have to hunt around the store taking huge amounts of time to read the labels on everything.

Alberstons also carry a lot of vegan items such as vegan cheese which I use a lot of. They carry a lot of items which not long ago I would only have expected to see in a specialist store, and the prices are always good too.

Organic Produce

I always use organic whenever possible and Albertsons has a huge range of organic items at good prices.


The choice of items is huge! It doesn’t matter if you need to shop for produce or if you have run out of toothpaste, Albertsons has you covered for everything. The choice of different brands is excellent.

Store Layout

I like that the Albertsons stores are so spacious. In some other stores you can barely walk through the aisles without bumping into someone but at Albertsons there is always so much space. I think this makes the shopping experience so much nicer, particularly when you are shopping with kids.

The Self Checkout

I never thought I would actually say that I like the self checkout but now I really do. You rarely have to wait in line even if you want conventional check out, but if I just have a few items I always use the convenient self check out now. I admit I did have to get my 11 year old to show me how to use it but now I am an expert!

The Weekly Ads

Price is a major reason to visit any store and of course Albertsons has you covered here! I like the fact that with the Weekly Ads online you can plan your shopping list with this in mind. Planning meals around discounts always ads up to a lot of savings on a weekly grocery bill.

Click Here to find your Weekly Ad with savings at your local Albertsons store.

This post was sponsored by Alberstons. My opinions as always are my own.

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