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Seventh Generation Diaper Review

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After my daughter’s lovely rash I wanted to try some sposies (gmum slang for disposable diapers) that I could use at night or away from home, just in case I didn’t want to tote my gdiapers around. So I decided to try Seventh Generation diapers, as I am trying to “Go Green”… and these seem to fit the bill.

They are chlorine free diapers… I like the sound of that! The company says these diapers are absorbent polymer and they are non-toxic and non-irritating to baby’s sensitive skin. Siena has eczema, so I heard that and they were a “GO”!

My first impression of Seventh Generation sposies was a bit blah! I noticed their oatmeal color and that didn’t delight me in the least. They seemed a bit “crunchy” and stiff, but hey I bought a pack, so I might as well go with it. I put them on Siena and I noticed as I put them on and she moved around in them, that they seemed to soften up. The tabs were large like huggies and stretched very well.

I noticed that they were cut nicely and didn’t seem to be much different than the fit of pampers, in my opinion. I put Siena to bed that night, crossing my fingers that she didn’t wake up drenched! The following morning she awoke to my surprise, in a dry state! Hooray! I noticed that the diaper hung on her a bit, as it was quite full.

I put my finger inside to see if the diaper was absorbing the wetness and it did feel a bit wet, but not too bad. I like the fact that the diaper seemed to be pulling away from her skin, as if it was making an effort to keep her “feeling” dry ;)

Overall, I was impressed with the diaper. Nothing seems to hold Siena’s wet nights and this diaper did! Although a bit ugly in color and no bells and whistles as far as design, it did its job and that’s all you can really expect out of a sposie, right?

I would recommend Seventh Generation diapers to anyone who asks and I am proud to say we are now night time Seventh Generation users and proud of it! I have also started using their cleaners and laundry detergent and I will post a review on them soon, so stay tuned!

If you would like more info on these sposies… just visit Seventh Generation.

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