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Talking to Ourselves!

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The picture above is my life before a blue tooth device!

California recently passed a law that states drivers are not allowed to drive and talk on their cell phones at the same time. Initially, some people preferred this form of conversation. Months have passed since people initially started “talking to themselves” via blue tooth devices. Blue tooth has been around for awhile, prior to this lovely new law that has been imposed upon us. I remember almost a year ago I was driving down the street, looking at the man next to me “talking to himself” and I thought “wow that guys nuts”! Now I realize that he was far more technologically advanced than I was at the time and I was the real nut job in question!

As the new law approached, I began looking into blue tooth devices and was rather overwhelmed at the choices on the market and FYI for those of you that don’t want to pay for one, just go to freeheadset.org………. they are free, just pay a $3 and something shipping fee. I of course wanted a cute, little, tiny one that was priced in the “ridiculous” range and purchased my very first hands free device. Over the next few days I began to think……….

I used my blue tooth for the first time in my car, of course, and as I began to talk to the person on the other end, my daughter kept saying, “what, what mom?” I let her know that I was on the phone and she said “no your not mommy, your phone is in the cup holder”! Getting rather impatient I let her know that mommies phone was now in her ear. She ever so eloquently and with a bit of horror, asked how a phone ended up in my ear and how on earth I was going to get it out!

After ending my phone call very quickly, as I cannot operate a vehicle and have two in depth conversations at once and be safe, I explained how all of this worked. And then I began to think about a comment my mom made to me when I was a teenager. It is probably terribly familiar to many of you and made me chuckle at first. She used to say “you need to have a phone implanted in your ear”! And then it hit me! OH MY GOSH! We are all walking around with phones implanted in our ears! How on earth did this happen? Since when did our culture accept the fact that WE ARE ALL TALKING TO OURSELVES!

It is my opinion that if aliens were to visit earth, they would leave shaking their heads saying, “what a tragedy, we came thinking humans were so intelligent and we have come all this way just to find out their all NUTS!” I do find it terribly amusing that we are walking around looking like we belong in a psychiatric ward!
Now, I know that this is widely accepted in our society and I too am taking part in this fascinating time in our culture, but there is some humor to be found in it all. I am curious to see what’s next……. a tattoo identification program?

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