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Stretch Your Buck Saturday – Winter Clothing Budget

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I’ve taken note that many of my readers are in the process of buying winter clothing for their kids. Many are on a budget and really need to stretch that dollar. So, I thought it would be of benefit to compile a list of all current “Sales” and promotions that I have found so that you can take advantage of them and stretch that dollar as much as you can on something that you HAVE to buy.

The way I shop for my girls clothes and the biggest tip I have is to buy name brand and resell. I usually get a 50% return on average. Although, this will only work if the clothing is name brand. I buy Gymboree and Baby Gap items when they are on sale and I use coupons to save even more. When my kids change seasons or grow out of them, I sell them on ebay or gymbofriends.com. I then turn that money into my “clothing budget” and then match that amount with the family budget money. That means I have taken care of ½ of the expense right off the bat.

Here are a few current sales, discounts, codes and ideas to help you on your journey.

is currently having a Baby Sale
all items orig. $12.50-$20 are on sale for $10 (that includes a lot of the cute little one pieces, which make up an outfit) even better, parenting magazine had a 20% off coupon in last months issue (good until the 19th) and that means it would only be $7.50. You can also in Gymbucks in the process.
many of their pj’s also fall into this price category. All items $22.50 to 39.50 are onsale for $20
if you can’t get your hands on a coupon.. check out ebay to score one or go to gymbofriends.com and search coupons and codes
If you don’t have a Gymboree by you, you can shop online and take advantage of $6.50flat rate shipping

This is a sitewhere you can find new and used Gymboree, gap and other brands from the actual mom’s themselves at drastically reduced prices. This is a great site to visit if you are a name brand fanatic

I know many of you are already familiar with this, but I find some AMAZING deals on ebay. Search by brand name or by size and change your search criteria around and you’ll end up with a lot of different results. You can also sell your old clothing on Ebay and apply what you made to your clothing budget.

This is always a good place to find great deals on shoes, but today they are having their Saturday Sale. You also get FREE SHIPPING This means already great savings, but you can pair that with a few different coupon codes and save a bundle. You can also go through swagbucks and earn 1 swagbuck for every $5 you spend.
Coupon code #1 – $10 off $50 BTS8DGV82D
Coupon code #2 – 15% off GHSHOES15
Coupon code #3 –$20 off $100 MC20OFF08
Coupon code #4 – 20% off ENTSHOES09

Target always has a few shelves with $4 or $5 items, which usually include some tops and some pants. So for $8 you can have an outfit. Not too shabby!

This online resale superstore can also save you money. Shop gently used items and save.

Walmart of course has great deals on EVERYTHING and their clothing department has some pretty cute stuff.

ToysRus and BabiesRus
These stores are great places to find cheap clothes. They usually have some kind of sale going on in the clothing department (B1G1 ½ off all carters or B1G1 Gerber items). You can then pair those sales with their 20% off one item coupon or their $5 off $25 purchase coupon.
Hint: If you have both coupons, they will accept both in the same transaction

Old Navy
Check out Old Navy’s clearance items and score Free shipping over $50

If you have not applied for a kohls charge account, do so. They send out 30% off coupon codes often. You can pair the 30% off with current sales and save a bundle. If you already have your Kohls charge, here are a few coupon codes good thru 9/16.
30% off – FALL30
Free Shipping – MVC6974

Receive $20 off $50 purchase when you pay with paypal. Thanks to

Some other great ways to save

Used can be a good thing!
Shop at your local consignment store – so many people get rid of childrens clothes that have never been worn, tags still attached and at worst, worn a time or two. You can find some great buys at these stores.

Got Friends?
Take advantage of hand me downs. I know we don’t like to say “yes” to people’s hand me downs. I know many of us don’t take these because we would feel bad if we did’nt like the clothes and our kids never wore them. Although, I’am sure you’ll like one or two items and you can keep those and donate or consign the rest.

Mommy Group Trade Day
Go to your mommy group coordinator and suggest a “trade day”! All of the mommies in the group can bring their unwanted children’s clothes and trade with the other mommies. This is a lot of fun and a great event to put on the calendar.

Shop off-season
Now is the time to buy your spring/summer clothes for next year. Just go up a size and store them in the closet for next year.

Hopefully these suggestions will help some of you with your winter shopping and save you money along the way.

Have any suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment with your idea and help spread the savings.

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