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Vinegar for Stain Removal

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My day started at 6am and i was in a high speed wobble to get everything done and everyone out of the house on time. My “High speed wobbles” infected my coffee and it went wobbeling all over my WHITE CARPET! AHHHHHH!

So i panicked and immediately grabbed some towels and tried to press it out… yea right! So i grabbed the oxy clean (which, by the way will take red wine stains out of anything) and attempted to pull it out with that. No Go! Last resort, the resolve! Still, nothing!

I panicked and the coffee stain and i met eyes for a moment and i knew that i was’nt going to let it win. So, i ran to my trusty friend, the internet! Thankyou to all of my internet mommies everywhere, you knew exactly what to do. VINEGAR! I would have never guessed.

Perhaps i’am the only mommy who does’nt know this trick, but at the time, i did’nt care if i was the silliest mommy on earth. I was going to win! I poured vinegar and pressed, poured and pressed, poured and pressed! And alast, i have won!

Long story short: Vinegar is great as a stain remover :)

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