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2 New Foods from Gerber : Organic & DHA

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Recently, my little one decided that she is not real fond of the jar food i have been feeding her. She turns her head and pushes my hand away when i try to feed her. So i knew a switch was in the near future and was excited when Gerber contacted me to review two new lines of baby food.

Gerber sent us a gift basket with 2nd Foods Purees with DHA and Organic 2nd Foods. We typically buy organic when we can, so i was quite excited to try the Organic foods. Gerbers Organic line is made from certified organic vegetables, Organic 2nd Foods Vegetables have no added starch, salt or preservatives (HUGE hit with me). Many organic 2nd Foods Vegetable varieties such as carrots and sweet potatoes are an excellent source of protective antioxidant vitamin A (from beta carotene), which helps support a healthy immune system. Read more about Gerber Organic Foods here.

We have found with our older daughter Milla, that if we give her too many foods containing preservatives or colors, she can become hyperactive and overstimulated easily. We do not keep foods containing these elements in our home and our baby should be no exception.

Although i’am still breastfeeding Siena, i was overjoyed to see Gerber’s new line containing DHA. DHA helps support brain and eye development and is naturally found in breastmilk. Gerber Purees with DHA have 18 mg of DHA per serving! I believe that breastfeeding is a personal choice and i thank Gerber for giving mothers the option to boost DHA levels in babies who are not breastfed. Read more about Gerber Purees with DHA here.

Siena seemed overjoyed with the taste of Gerber Foods. HOORAY! Not only is this going to cut down on my current baby food bill, but i’am giving her vital nutrients without artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s important to note that Gerber 2nd Foods Purees with DHA is also made with whole grains, an extra bonus in my book ;) The consistency was just right for what Siena can handle and to be honest, it smelled quite yummy.

You can purchase Gerber Foods in a glass jar or a plastic, stackable 2 pack for convenience.
Need some coupons? Just visit Gerber and print a few out to take with you on your next shopping trip!
THANK YOU Gerber for solving my baby food whoes!

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