Free $10 Gift Card for Your Change

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Coinstar is the lovely machine that you see at grocery stores (and other locations) that you can dump your change in and get some cash or gift cards! We save all of our change around here, so when i heard that i could get a FREE gift card for dumping my change, I was out the door ;)

So, how exactly do you get a free gift card? First find a location near you and then follow these directions:

1. Cash in $40 or more of coins onto a gift card or ecert at a participating Coinstar machine (when you choose this option, they do not keep a percentage, you get to keep every bit of that hard earned change)

2. At the bottom of your receipt, you will find a form to fill out and mail in

3. Your $10 gift card will be sent to you by mail.

If you have $80 in coins, you can do this twice or more if you have a jar filled with lots of change! Just make sure to do seperate transactions with $40 gift cards!

How’s that for easy? I made two seperate transactions of about $41 a peice and i will send it to receive 2 $10 gift cards! Woo Hoo!

You can read more about this promotion here.

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