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Gdiapers-The New Eco Friendly Diaper "Go Green With Your Poo"!

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A few months ago, my then 7 month old had a horrible rash develop all over her diaper area and she has NEVER had an issue before…. I change her far more than I should for the very purpose of keeping creepy crawly, icky rashes away. So, I of course freaked out and went to the pediatrician and of course this offered me no peace, as it usually does not, because I am a freak who freaks out about the teeny tiniest non normal, little things. Like she’ll look at me cross eyed and I think she has bumped her head and is brain damaged :0

.. Yes I am that kind of mom, the one that the pediatricians roll their eyes at because I ask wayyyy too many questions and I question everything they do and say. I am the mom that the receptionists gossip about because they think I’m way over concerned about the well being of my child, but shouldn’t’t we be? That is our job as PARENTS right?

So on with my story…. I then took her to the dermatologist who said, “Well it could be eczema but we don’t normally see that in the diaper area, However, I don’t want to give more than one diagnosis, and since she has some redness on her face I think we’ll just say eczema”. HUH? I don’t know what kind of cross, weird, unsure, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and shouldn’t’t be in practice, kind of answer that was, but it wasn’t working for me! So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Many moms who have “rash” issues have told me that they switch to cloth diapers. So I decided to just go for it, anything to help her, right? But then I began to think about washing poo in my toilet with a diaper sprayer and putting poo into my washing machine… was this really sanitary? Was this really happening? ME washing poo? Hmmm, this would require some serious thought! So I decided I needed to do a little research and see what other options were out there….I researched and researched and I found a fabulous alternative….. Gdiapers!

These things are AMAZING to say the least….. They are a cloth cover with a plastic like, washable, snap in liner…. Inside of the insert you put a bio degradable insert. The best part is this…. You can flush it, throw it away or compost it! Throw it away?…. I AM IN! They have no chlorine, no chemicals… they are just like using cloth without the cloth!

Far more than my resistance to “washing poo”, I was excited that these would not sit in landfills for 500 years… YES-500 YEARS! That’s how long it will take for those lovely pampers to wilt away-500 YEARS! Just in time for your great, great, great, great, grandchild’s birth. Not a very nice baby gift. These are gone instantly with the flush of the toilet or within 50 days if you choose to throw them away…. And they are so fashionable… these are like the petunia pickle bottoms of the diaper world, the bugaboos of poo!

So, i had to get in on the action and i purchased them from Gdiapers.com And I have been using them ever since…. THEY ROCK! We are Gdiaper fanatics, and I don’t mind saying that I enjoy changing poo a little more these days… strange, I know, but true. I feel like I am giving back to our earth and my little one looks amazing while we “go green”! After purchasing Gdiapers I felt inspired and started flipping our lives into “green land” and I haven’t stopped since…. I am proud to say we live very green these days and Love it!

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