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Holiday Money Makers

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With the holidays just around the corner and the state of the economy, we could all use a few ways to pick up a little cash! I use alot of different avenues to pick up my revenue and i want to share them with you.

Craigslist – if you haven’t sold anything on craigslist yet, i suggest you give it a try. Craigslist lets you sell your unwanted/used items locally and the best part is it’s FREE! Woo Hoo, no fees. All you have to do is click on “POST” and enter the info of your item. You can also upload a picture. Don’t have a picture? That’s ok, just find a stock photo online. Wait for a potential buyer to email you and close the deal. Many people choose not to sell their unwanted items because they don’t think people will want their “Junk”, boy are they wrong.

Ebay – Here is another avenue to get rid of your unwanted items. The only catch with ebay is that they will take a small percentage of your sale. However, rather than reaching people locally, you can reach people worldwide. Trust me, somebody wants what you have listed :) Many people are intimidated by Ebay, although the form to fill out is really self explanatory and when your item sales you can just run to the post office and send it on it’s way.

The biggest obstacle to overcome on ebay is knowing where to set your shipping price. If you do not own a shipping scale like i do, you can search related listings and see where everyone else is setting their price.

Swagbucks.com -many of you have already signed up with swagbucks and are reaping the benefits. For those of you who are not familiar with swagbucks, they are a search and win site. You use them to do your everyday searching and you win swagbucks. You then use your swagbucks to purchase gift cards and prizes. Amazon gift cards are the best value and you only need 45 swagbucks to score a $5 Amazon card. How cool is that? I highly recommend that you share swagbucks.com with your friends and you will win when they win! This is a fun site that will help you with your holiday shopping.

Cash Crate is one of my favorite sites because you can earn quickly and at your own pace. They have ALOT of “Free Offers” meaning you can take quick surveys and fill out simple forms and get paid for it. This site is super simple and user friendly. They pay out monthly once you reach a minimum of $20 which can be very quickly obtained with this site.

Send Earnings is another site like cash crate. They have lots of “Free Offers” including surveys and trials. The bonus about Send Earnings is that you can even earn money just by opening their emails. How easy is that? It’s quick and easy to earn money with them and another one of my favorite sites. They pay out as soon as you have reached $30. When you sign up they will automatically credit your account $5!

Inbox Dollars is Send Earnings sister site. This is the same concept, take surveys and click on email, etc. in order to earn. They will payout as soon as you have reached $30 and they also have a $5 sign up bonus.

All of the above are great starters for earning money and helping you with your holiday budget this year. I have received checks/payment from all of the paid sites listed above and i have earned thousands of dollars this year between ebay and craigslist just by selling things that we are not using anymore. I encourage you to try all of the avenues above! You will be so excited when you start to see money appear :)

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