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How Christmas Cost Me $0 This Year

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A few months ago i had this “great idea” to get everything for xmas and spend no money out of pocket! Sounds crazy, right? I did’nt believe that it was possible either, but i am a firm believer in the power of suggestion! :)

3 months later, i am almost completely DONE with christmas and guess what? No money out of pocket! I can’t believe it either. I wait for amazing deals to come up at many places, although Amazon is one of my favorites! For instance, awhile back they marked their Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Makers from $25 to $10 or so and they were running a 4 for 3 promotion along with that. In the end i received 4 Ice Tea Makers for $30 or so shipped! I used Amazon gift cards that i had saved and BAM! Free Xmas presents!

I shared some money makers with you here, however i really want to point out one money maker in particular.

Swagbucks has been a great tool for me in my “great idea” endeavor. I have averaged about $50 a month in Amazon gift cards. The best part is, i really don’t do anything to get them. I search and use their “go green promotion” and i have logged into swagbucks when i have to purchase something online to see if it is one of their participating stores. The best part: When you others sign up under you, you win, everytime they win!

Majority of my swagbucks come from searching! I downloaded their tool bar (this is optional) and i use it to do my online searching. When you search, you win! Not everytime of course, but i win often. Usually once a day! The best part is, they use google and ask.com, so i’am getting the same results as i would be if i was using my normal tool bar.

If your looking to add to your budget for Free, this is your opportunity. Sign up and win with me!

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