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Eleven-Shoes For Little Travelers

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We were so excited when we were recently given the opportunity to try out Eleven shoes! Eleven is See Kai Run’s sister company and can be found at their website http://www.elevencollection.com/ and at seekairun.com. Eleven makes shoes for boys and girls alike and oh my! are they cute! You’ll find that their sizing ranges from a size 9 to a size 3, so these are for your slightly older travelers.

I have seen Eleven shoes in the past and appreciated their unique style that sports a vintage flair with a modern twist. So we jumped on the chance to try these bad boys out. We chose the Josie and boy am i glad we did. Both of my girls LOVE shoes, so my four year old was eager to try them out.

There is a few things i look for in a “good” shoes. First they must be flexible. Not only is this good for your little travelers feet but i can’t imagine how uncomfortable a stiff shoe must be. Can you imagine picking your foot straight up and down to walk because the shoe is’nt pliable? A flexible sole is going to allow your childs foot to move the way it was designed to.

Second, a good shoe must posess style and functionality at the same time! Toddlers and young children like to do everything on their own and this really boosts their self confidence, which is a tool we want to allow them to use any chance we can. So a shoe that my little Milla can get on and off all by herself, is a shoe i’am going to buy. However, if the shoe is not attractive, i’am also not going to buy it. Can you imagine a really cute outfit paired with a horrible pair of shoes? Not so good! So if it serves these two purposes, this is a shoe for us.

Lastly, i look for a shoe that’s made well. Check the seams, the durability of the straps and/ or zipper. You can tell by looking and feeling a shoe if it’s made well or not. If not, asta la vista, baby! ;) We found that Eleven shoes possess all of these qualities and is on our top 5 list!

Here’s what we found:
When i took them out of the box, i not only noticed the fabulous style of the shoe with it’s bright pink and brown accents, but i also noticed that the shoe was quite flexible. The bottom features a flexible, durable rubber sole. As you moms with older kiddos know, it’s hard to find a flexible shoe for their little foot. These were quite “mushy” as i like to say, and i was excited to get them on her foot.

The Josie has velcro straps across the top, so Milla was excited that she didn’t need help putting them on. I welcome any opportunities to allow her to do things “all by herself” as this is what 4 year olds cherish the most. You will find that all Eleven shoes come with a velcro closure or a zipper closure.

To really test them out, i let Milla take them to pre-school. She is an avid participant in the sandbox and we have had a horrible time keeping her shoes looking nice. When i picked her up from pre-school, sure enough, her shoes were covered in sand and dust. So when we arrived home, i took a damp paper towel and wiped them down. Within minutes they looked new again. No Joke! Triple Bonus for us!!!!

Since we received the shoes a few weeks ago, she has wanted to wear them everyday! I will definitely buy more shoes from Eleven in the future and keep my little Milla’s foot happy and healthy. I bet you want a pair too, don’t you?

Eleven is having a sale going on right now, so visit Eleven and make your little travelers day! Eleven was also kind enough to share a pair of shoes with one of my lucky readers!

That’s right! You can win a pair of Eleven Shoes! Winner will get to choose the style and size. Pretty Cool, right?
So what do you need to do?

Just visit http://www.elevencollection.com/ and pick the shoe that you would choose if you win. Come back here and fill out the form below.

This giveaway is now closed!

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